building sprint powerOk guys I have alot of knowledge on physiology theory and sports

Ok guys I have alot of knowledge on physiology theory and sports science but i’ve never actually did any sprint training. I have a brief idea of what i need to do.

Understand my goal is not to be a professional, i just want to do some sprinting to aid conditoning/power as a supplement to my strength/size program.

So far i’ve been thinking:

Offday 1:
Offday 2:

This is twice a week:

I am also going to add some dual factor to the sprints.

how does this sound:

week1: 10 x 30 metre sprints, 2 mins rest
week2: 8 x 50 metre sprints, 3.5 mins rest
week 3: 5 x 100 metre sprints, 4 mins rest.
deload frequency and volume

any input wd be much appreciated.

Too short of a rest interval for sprint work.

Would be interest if you tell about the event you´re thinking about but the 100m sprints looks a litle exagerated.

Well i am unsure, i would just basically like to build 100 metre time.

can u help me plan a 4 week loading program, where i increase volume and deload.

and rest periods between sprints?

again, my main goal is muscular size and strength, but having a good sprint time wd be good for me personally - dont ask y.

Rule of thumb.
If the goal is accel or max v. training Rest 1 minute for every 10 meters traveled up to 200 meters.
Build your volume with the distances and reps for a few weeks then drop the volume for 1 week to unload. A 3-1 scheme works well for most people. However during accumulation for the first few weeks you may be able to stretch it out to 5-1 unless you are feeling rundown.

For the first few weeks I would suggest not going above 30 meters. Most of the focus should be on 20’s and 30’s.


how wd this sound:

week1: 10 x 10 metres: 1 mins rest
week2: 8 x 20 metres: 2 mins rest
week3: 7x30 metres: 3 mins rest

then eventually workup to like 5 x 50 metres, then to 60.

any modifications? and am i on right tracks

Doing SE (over 70) is not going to be super conducive to getting stronger or bigger.

SE = speed endurance? ofc not i mean in order to burn muscle fat u need to utilise aerobic system, SE just uses ATP-CP and lactis system.

Is what i suggested ok to do?

bump, anyone?

Yes SE = Speed Endurance

To burn fat you need a higher metabolism and a controlled diet. Personally, traditional aerobic work (steady state) doesn’t feature when I am trying to cut up.

At a very very basic level your program seems ok if you arn’t working towards competing in athletics.

Also check the GPP and Van’04 DVDs for other info on short sprinting progressions.


Celtic fan you are on the right track. Just be creative. As the season goes on the longer the runs can get but dont ignore acceleration. For example 3 months out you session may look like this. 2x20 2x30 3xflying 30’s with a 20 meter accel zone.
Also after you have been working on max velocity for a while and you feel it is in place it is then time to work on speed endurance as well. Although split run speed endurance can be worked on as soon as you accel. is in place. So next month you may be able to do a session such as 3x3x50 with 1 min rest between reps and 5 between sets.