budget camera with a 60FPS option for training ?

Hey !!!
I was wondering if there are any quality low cost cameras that record video fast (60fps?) ? Something that works well for training and ball games…
Thanks !

It depends, if you want to connect it directly to computer and use it with software such as Dartfish or Kinovea most of mini DV camcorders with FireWire will do the job, However if you don’t mind transferring data later than my option would be Casio Elixim (high speed Lineup) you can catch up to 1000fps

hope that helps

Hmmm CASIO EXILIM, they do look nice and quite reasonably priced !!! I think I’ll pick one up ! Thanks !

I would recommend that you reference your lighting sources prior to purchasing the EXILIMS. Though the resolutions are quite limited at higher speeds, they can also result with some rather rough quality media captures in certain light conditions.

Well the HS function will only be used for daylight speed days and I have a tripod, so it will stay stable. I see though that beyond 100-200fps the resolution is quite useless… But it’s too fast anyway… A sprint isn’t that fast !! I think it’s mostly for airplanes, coin flips etc…

I think for under £250 or $300 you won’t get anything better, unless you’ll ask Santa.

I used a Kodak Zi8. I think you might find them super cheap on Ebay as I don’t think flip video cameras are even sold anymore since phones have taken over the lower end camera market. I can’t speak for the other models mentions, but I like mine as it has 60FPS, which is plenty fast.

Depends what you’re measuring. Though I understand your point.

640x480 with 120fps is more than enough for any ball game, sprint start, max velocity or any part of the race as long as you recording it separately. Resolution is just too small to see the details from the distance unless you’ll try zoom in and out during the race.
However if you are looking for much better resolution with a similar fps then unfortunately you have to spend a lot of money.
I was in contact with GigE trying to find best camera for the software/application I use. Cost was ridiculous!!!

Actually what is your budget?


I use the inexpensive Coach’s Eye app. The newest version is iOS 7 compatible and will shoot at 60fps on any compatible iOS 7 device. This eliminates all transferring and allows you to review video on the spot. I have been using Coach’s Eye at 30fps this season over all the 60fps options because of the ease of use.

If you have an iPhone5, The SnappyCam app (thanks for the heads-up KitKat) will shoot at 60 fps.

I have an HTC ONE M7 with Android on it… Any similar software that can take 60fps straight out of the phone ?

Well I figured 250$ for a new camera would be the top limit … I always liked carrying a camera in my bag but since getting a good smartphone the camera just felt a little useless (besides the high speed functions and long fball/bball game footage which you can’t do with a phone)

EDIT - TSLOW it seems coaches eye have an ANDROID version too ! Are you sure it takes 60fps ? I thought FPS was a hardware limitation ?

With the new Apple OS being released I believe next week, there appears to be native 60fps built in. Coach’s Eye is just taking advantage of the existing functionality. I believe Android has an update coming very soon but I don’t know details. I’d assume 60fps will be baked in- ill do some research and see what I can come up with.

Man that makes me want to sell and get an iPhone !

HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 got a 60fps HD build in, it comes as a standard.
I believe that you have slow-motion in your phone (HTC ONE) Ubersense app for Android is coming really soon which is free. Anyway all looks great etc… however there is no comparison of video quality/stability when comes to camera/camcorder with tripod vs mobile phone/iPad in your hand.
I have been using iPad myself and it works well to certain degree, no doubt is very convenient with good apps. However when we have max velocity day and I want athletes I coach to see their mechanics/ posture see the details. I prefer to use my laptop with camera or with PlayStation-Eye (with tripod mount) which provides 75fps in 640x480 and 187fps in 320x240.
If you like all in one gadgets than go for the phone, if stability of recorded video is more important than go for the camera. Therefore best thing would be to have both ha ha ha.

Hey ! You’re right ! I just checked the options of recording (never went there before)
I HAVE 60fps ! Coooooooool

I’ve been looking at getting a Sony HDRAS15 for the exact same reason. It can do up to 120fps at 720p resolution! It is a a bit more expensive than ‘budget’ but certainly a lot more useful!

It actually costs only 170$ now. What’s the catch ?

The Sony only costs $170? They are £219 in the UK! For that money it would be cheaper for you to buy one in the states and send it to the UK, even with shipping costs!

60fps NTSC (US) not compatible with 50fps PAL (UK)

I did wonder if that would be an issue, sometimes you can change it in the settings though. Still a bloody good camera even for £200 if you want high fps.