Bud Winter's training program for Tommie Smith and Lee Evans

2 articles on Bud Winter’s training program for Tommie Smith and Lee Evans:


Quite a contrast of long-to-short and short-to-long by the same coach!

Consistent with other pieces of Winter’s published (or quoted) works. I’d be curious to know who Winter’s mentor was?

The books and/or video of those times really puts into perspective the work they did…let alone the other stresses.

Thanks for the references as well.

Tommy Smith and Lee Evans were very different athletes and their programs were tailored to their individual strengths.

Lee Evans never strayed far from his high school coach, Stan Dowell. It is my understanding that the program that was posted for Evans was strongly influenced by Dowell. If so, it shows that Winter was perceptive enough to understand that, as Charlie stated, Evans and Smith were very different athletes.