Brian's Training Journal

Hey everyone - this is a log of my training -my goals are simply to be faster and fitter. I’m a recreational athlete who enjoys pick-up basketball, 7-on-7 and goof-off league baseball. So why am I insistent on “training right?” I used to be a serious athlete and I still like training that way. I’m one of those annoying all-around types, so I just try to add on to a base of strength and conditioning to be incrementally better. I’m also a full time student and work full time, so my training is very brief.
This is what I’ve done for the past 4 weeks
-Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays - CNS Days
3x20m sprintsx95% (since March 1)
Five Vertical Jumps
Lifting - SN or CanJ (75%x6 singles) SQ or FSQ (3/3/1/1 or 5/5/5) RDL or Snatch Grip DL (3/3/3/3) occasionally I’d throw in BP for 3/3/3/3
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Tempo (if very energetic)
ab work
Almost daily 1-4 games of pick-up ball - I feel that for the level of fitness I need little extra conditioning, speed or plyometric work is neccesary if I play enough ball.
Results of this were better RFD all around, an extra inch or so on my dead start vert, and maintaining my first step quickness.

Re: Bball - obviously, on CNS days, I might not even play ball.
This week and next I will focus on max strength
The running this week will stay the same as the previous two, then next week as I will up the running as I will be home for spring break, without pickup games to play.

Track was rained out monday, just played two games - focusing on Defensive efforts… I think I only took two shots the enitre time
Mondays’ lifting really took it out of me.
Snatch Grip DL 4x4x185 (about a minute-minute and a half rest between all sets on all exercises)
Front Squat 4x4x145
Incline Press 105-115-125-135x4
One-arm DB Snatch 4x4/4x35

Track still too slick, felt like crap from monday, just shot around for about half an hour and got in some light ab work.

Again, rain shows up - feel better, played another 2 games. Lifting was the same, except I stuck at 125 for the inclines.

Just for a frame of reference
Hgt - 5ft 9 and 1/2 inches
wgt - 146 pounds
Age 19
best 100m ever- 11 flat hand timed, gun shot start
best Vertical - 26.5 inches - just got this last week
Best lifts SQ (oly style) 260 (PL style) 320
DL (clean grip) 285
CandJ (split Jerk) 176
SN 132
BP 185
I have not tested the lifts in quite a while, and each of them except the PL style SQ and DL were at a significantly higher weight (175)… I know I could get the SN and CandJ or with in 2.5 kg of them tho, as I wrapped up my last cycle getting conservative max attempts (no psyche, just walk up and pull).

Thursday - after st. Pats was in gact, hating life… just got out and played some 5 on 5 soccer as that’s the next rec season coming up.

Friday - came back home, no training. just moved everything back to

Saturday - went to J, did some on-court stuff, like fast break drills and stuff… Lifting same as wednesday.

Sunday was off completely,
yesterday was fun…
shot a quick game of 3-on-3, then into gym… lifting same as last week, except I usesd GMs instead of Snatch Grip DLs… this week I’m in a “no-DL fitness center”
followed the front squats with 2x30m bounds
follwed the weights as a whole with 3 flying 10’s (15 yd build up) and a fall forward 20… I only took 6 steps on the flying 10 and 12 on the 20.
Today don’t feel bad at all, but I’m spending the day in a car :frowning:

Wednesday and saturday went smoothly, thursday and friday I just did light tempo… same weights, used some creative variety on the Inclines and Back work, I feel fresh and ready to hit this next 3-1-3… Interesting note on Wed and Saturaday, I did my work barefoot on grass and on Saturday got times of 3.6 3.62 and 3.58 for my “fall forward” 30m! they were hand timed but even adding on a full .1 still makes me a happy camper.

ok, so here it goes —
it will be a “Max Strength” Focus for the lifting
and “Acceleration” focus for the running
After this 3-1-3 I have 4 weeks of just good ole’ GPP work on the slate before another 3-1-3.

for the lifting I will be doing the
Snatch - using singles (6) with a moderate weight then two sets of triples at a back off weight for volume
Squat - a 4 week wave cycle shooting for a new rock bottom 3 rep training max
Bench Press - a 16 session (er, just over 5 weeks…) step cycle shooting for a new 3rm
and lots of Romanion Deadlifts, probably 4x4@bodyweight on the bar (145)
Once the running goes up in the second three week phase, the Squats and BP will go down to an easy 3/3/1/1 format.

For the Running I’ve got Soccer at least one day a week for at least the first four weeks (with the possibility of the frist 6!). the other two cns Days i’ll be including fall forward 30m, bounds and the occasional 60. total meterage on those days will be <300m
Nothing fancy
tempo and fitness work as neccesary/time allows.

Monday - just some light abs and an hour long Soccer practice
Tuesday - Soccer game, we won 3-0! Followed by lifting
SN -95x3x3 - I’m going to use this format for the first four weeks, add weight and go to doubles for two weeks, get some new training singles in the last week
SQ - 215x5, 195x5
BP - 135x5, 115x5
Today - light tempo 10x100, walk back rest

yesterday - some 30m starts, 2x30m Bounds followed by lifting (SN and BP the same, 220x5, 200x5 in the SQ)
Today - 10x100m tempo - after each of rep I did 3 pull-ups, 5 push-ups,7 squats and 10 situps as active rest. legs really felt good today, so I added on 2 500m after, with a nice long rest (10) between them… the 500’s were just slightly faster than my tempo pace.
Tommorow just some lifting and bounds, so I thought I’d up the volume today

Yesterday’s lifting, I tried Squatting first - this was a good thing…225x5, 205x5 for SQ, then SN and BP (140x5, 120x5)… followed with bounds 2x30m and some easy basketball shooting

Tuesday was rough… we got blown out of the water in soccer in a tough physical game. I lifted afterwards, same as usual, got 230x5 in SQ. time to cycle back to 220 for Saturaday’s session. Wednesday tempo and calisthenics… I did 10x100m under 16s with 45-105 seconds rest, about 200 abs, and 30 pull-ups. tempo and soccer were on this horrible artificial turf. Knees aren’t happy. Hamstrings aren’t happy. Thursday I gave blood and it was my girlfriend’s birthday so no training. Today I came home. My father is sick and needs help around the house. not very motivated to train - It’s been a very stressful week. will give the running a go tommorow, will skip the lifting as I’m moving furniture.

maybe I’m not ready for this 3-1-3… my hammies were very stiff and according to CFTS - stiffness is a sign of poor training. I’m sure nothing were wrong on paper with what I was doing, just wrong for me right now. going to a long long GPP phase, and tonite’s workout just proves how much I need.
oh and BTW Saturday was rained out, and I drove back to Columbia on sunday.
tonite - made sure I got a great warm-up and really great cool down.
did 100+100, 100+100 @ 60% with push-ups and sit ups… cut it here b/c of shins and High HR.
hopefully a massage from my girlfriend?

Got the massage :smiley: … anyways, good short speed work today, none for the next 9 days…
I got in a really great warm -up and was feeling very loose… just concentrated on “waiting for it” relaxing my shoulders the basics today — must do more of that
the volume is very low. all were complete recovery (at least 1 minute for every 10m). Hand times, allow +/- of .1.
3x 10m fall forwards 1.64 1.63 1.61 - the last one I only took 5 steps (as opposed to 6)
2x 20m fall forwards 3.04 and 3.08 - the first one was nice and loose, I kindof rushed the second one… 11 steps on the first, 13 on the second
1x30m fall forward 3.98 — really good. didn’t count steps.

Went and lifted
RDL 135x5, 115x5, 95x8,8
DB Military Press 40x5/5 35x5/5
Pull-ups 2x5xb/w
Front Squat 115x2setsx10 reps - will try to get a third set in there if I have more energy.
Reverse leg extension (aka “The Butt Blaster”) 2x6/6x50 pounds - will add in a another set of 8 at 40 pounds for my left hammie.
came home, stretched and finally had leavened bread! Free Shakespeare’s at Hillel!

wednesday - took off. studying, massive tests and papers due on thursday.
Thursday - Just lifting
RDL 140x5, 120x5
RDL + Bent over row 95x8,8
DB military Press 45x5/5, 35x5/5
Pull-ups 2x5
Front Squat 3x10x115
Butt Blaster 2x8/8x50, 8x40

today - 135, 275,410,410,275,135 tempo at 60% (18 seconds, 45 seconds, 75 seconds, respectively) plus 3 pull-up ladders (1-2-3-1-2-1)

Tommorow 10x100m at 75% tempo and lifting

errr it was hot as the devil’s drawers outside, and since today was supposed to be really easy for me, I just went to the gym and did it on the bike 20 seconds on 40 seconds off. Lifting had to be cut short so I did the absolute essentials.
SQ 185x3,225x3,235x3,3
BP 150x5, 135x5
Reverse Leg extension 50x8,8,8
Cable Row 100x12,12 - each of these had a long iso hold at the end

alright took last week off — just couldn’t fit in High Quality work, and if youre going to do something, you might as well do it right or not at all

This week is kindof odd
Great Tempo Workout Monday, except for some right knee inflammation. I landed funny on a jump. lots of abs (for me anyway - 300).

Yesterday Playoff soccer game! I was called up and started the second half — I’m counting that as a 1/2 CNS session, mainly b/c we’ve got another game tonite. We won 2-1 on a brilliant corner kick that bent in back post.

tommorow will be a quick circuit lifting session
friday same tempo as monday, sans warm-up jumps
Saturday circuit lifting
Next Week will introduce med ball work on tempo days — shooting for 260 reps and 330 for abs next week. also a real CNS day, focusing on acceleration.

Notes from the day are below the workout, notes about the week as a whole are below all the work
Sunday -
Light tempo work (2sx4rx100m@60%)
about 150 abs
After just a hellish weekend, felt good to break a sweat

Monday - ME Upper Body
Bench 45,95,115,135x5 150x3
Flat DB press 50/50x 6,6,6
Hammer Row 90x 10,10,10,10

  • just got her in and got her done. never been very strong with bench, but this was disapponting

Tuesday - Acceleration
Fall Forwards 1sx4rx30m HT from first movement — 3.86 3.88 3.91 3.96

  • it was raining and these felt really slow really really slow. My right knee was having problems when I slowed down too. cut this workout very short.

Wednesday -
Shit ton of Medball work (240 reps, 120 of those were throws) and Abs (300)
—Had also planned a full tempo workout, but just wasn’t going to happen. Both quads sore as hell, from what, I do not know.

Thursday -
shot around BBall, and a 7:30 mile
—Had planned on lifting today, but was too busy… the mile helped a lot with the sore quads.

Friday - RM UB
Bench for reps (95#) 16,16,9 (on 60 seconds rest)
DL 185x2rx3s
Lat Pulldown 100-110-120-120x8
DB military 30/30x10rx3s
later, more abs and medball work (same as wednesday)

Saturday - ME lowerbody
Squats 45,135,185x5 225x3, 235x2, 195x5rx2s
Power Clean 120x2rx3s
Bulgarian Split Squats 35/35x10, 25/25x10rx2s
RDLs 95x10rx4s
-Walking death.

Week in review:
I was in a car accident last friday, I was hit from behind, which caused my car to be pushed under the car in front of me. I’ve been in accidents before, but I’ve never felt this weak after wards. ALL of my standards were down this week and I feel immensely out of shape, sick, and pissed off. My squat and bench form was just grotesque - like I haven’t been doing them for a few years… well, at least I have a lot of room to go up.

Sunday — nice, long tempo work — did 12 laps of quality straights after a really nice warm-up (50 minutes)… included were 400 abs

warmed up actually for once — and got 150x5 (about time!) in BP — warm-up sets the same
4sx6rx50/50 # Dumbbell Flat Bench
12-10-10-10 x 90# Hammer Row
— After last week, everything feels natural and acclimated.
150 abs later at home, of the low intensity type

Warm-up, including 100 abs
1sx4rxfall forward 30s — watching the preview clip for the GPP DVD in which the blonde is shown starting really helped me to understand how to start, and she also steps over very well… in my stride outs I fore-brained focused on those two things and it carried over to amazing performances in the thirtys… 3.90-3.90-3.88-3.86 FAT
so fresh I decided to try a 60 from 4 point track stance — 7.77 FAT on astroturf in flats! :slight_smile: Cooled down and celebrated with Cold Stone —mmmm!

Wednesday -
Shorter tempo than sunday — only 4x4x100… short warm-up too, and only 200 abs — Stressed out from finals later – ran a 5k in 22:44

Thursday -
push-ups for reps — god -awful. My Str. E is just poor to non-existent in my Upper body — 32-10-18 reps for an average of 60…
DL 3sx2rx185
DB Military 3sx10r/sidex25lbs
Lat pulldown 4sx10rx100
150 abs later

Friday - came home
did 5 sets of 20 of
Mahlers body blaster for GPP

Saturday -
SQ - easy -middlingly difficult 5x205 — strength is slowly coming back…
Power Clean 3x2x120
RDL - 4x10x135 - shitty bar, I had to change my grip after every set
Single leg squats (back foot elevated ) 3x10/10x 25s … I really hate these

overall, a much better week… next week, I will begin a daily ritual of joint mobility drills, hindu squats, push-ups and sit-ups every morning, as one way of adding to my fitness base

This week was a mixed bag… tuesday through thursday was almost a complete loss for High Quality training, but I did manage to get in a ton of general work, through out the week.
Tuesday - repeated last weeks ME Upper body day, but got 155x5…
Wednesday - my only sprinting work of the week 4x4 sets of short hills
Saturday - Box Squats 215x5 very easy — good to see I’m finally over the car accident from a magnitude perspective. Replaced RDL’s with weighted back extensions, still hating single leg squats.

general work was a lot of Body builders, push -ups, and sit ups.
re: next week - must get transportation/job stuff figured out before planning.
What I’m thinking though is Accel/Max V stuff on Monday, an easy weights session on Tuesday, SE on Wed, Thurs and Fri tempo and med ball stuff, Saturday heavy weights and sunday golf… just a thought…

Ok, well, lets see… Last Saturday I got 225x5 in touch n go box squats and a new 60m Fall Forward PB of 7.70 (Down from 7.77 three weeks ago), going to a CNS day every 4th day schedule…

I am having a problem getting myself to go and get in the general work (tempo and the like)… no problem motivating myself for CNS work, getting it in or recovering from it, just no desire at all to do anything but go fast and lift heavy.

It’s not like I haven’t been doing general work (I’ve just moved in to a new condo, so carrying boxes up and down flights of stairs, painting, and the light push-up and situps I’ve done), but I just haven’t been getting to the track (lack of transport, busy elsewhere)…

How much of a problem is this?