Brian's Training Journal

Last workout - got both 235x5 in Box Squats, and matched 7.70 in 60m

Tommorow, need 245x5, need to beat 7.70

Started training my best friend and my little brother.
will post threads of their training.

Ok, havent had a pure speed work since last post.
did get 245x5
also get 255x4
today didn’t get 265x4
did get 165x3 in bench…
Fitness level is much better now.

So new cycle time —
will post in a seperate forum,

And it translates well —

Last Monday tempo 8x125m@20sec
last wednesday
10x10m Dive starts
15x1x135 Snatch Deads
Last Thursday Tempo 6x100m@16sec
Last Friday Tempo 6x60m@9sec
tested out 60m (Flats, fall forward start, FAT, mind you) and standing broad jump
7.55s! (2% PR!) 7.65 (still better than 7.70, previous best)
8ft6in, 9ft0in, avg. 8ft 9 in — needs to be better.

205x4 - full squat
135x4 - bench

Today (tuesday)
4 x “flying 20’s” 20m buidup - these felt soooo good today. Smooth like Rico Suave. Smooth like a baby’s butt. Smooth like I was running on air and mercury lassoed me and pulled me. They felt like 95%, but were actually 100%. all in the 4.6s

12x1x155 Snatch Deads

Wednesday - Didn’t get to track, did get to gym
treadmill intervals
4sx40sec @ 10mph
very general weights very low intensity

Thursday - except for core work, off

Today - Friday
2x “hollow” 200m — 10 min rest— Segue in to SE for me. 50-100-50

full squats 215x4r, backoff sets
Bench press another 135x4rx2s

No general work on Sat or Sun :mad: a lil flab returned…

Today, had to lift b/f sprinting
9sx1rx185 Snatch Deads
225x4r Full Squat
135x4r Bench

2sx3rx40m accels… all around the high 4.8s low 4.9s

Not a great day…

Dropped the deads after my back started acting up…
4xflying 20s high 4.7, low 4.8s

235x4r squat
135x9r bp (another rep or two in the bag)

Ok, this thread is going to get closed in about 2 weeks —
I have sunday the 11, wednesday the 14, saturday the 17, tuesday the 20th and friday the 23 left on my current cycle.
Starting monday July 26th, I begin training for my first decathlon, and I’ll celebrate with a different journal.

Missed today - I think I’ll just go ahead and start the Decathlon stuff this week.

My experiment in the Mulit-event world is done. It was a nice excursion, but I like the Sprint world much more. On the plus side, I’m in much better shape, and I think the repeated exposure to many varied types of CNS stress might have given my tolerance a nice boost. I even did improve my speed (11 flat 100 FAT to 10.89 electronic equivalent or 10.64 Hand time).

So the year starts anew.
The plan is to focus on the 100m
the goal is 10.5X, or under 10.6 for the July 2005 Show Me State Games.

Since I’ve been back at school, I’ve engaged in regular, albeit loosely scheduled training. Ive stayed off the track, and my speed work has come in the form of football or basketball. Some weight training, but all training well within my limits. have done a good amount of tempo.

Big thanks to Pete and Nba3km for such great journals, and their influence on these next 4 weeks will be obvious for all to see.

Sprint work will be done short to long.

Duration -4 7-day microcycles
Goals - introduce Acceleration Development work, bring up work capacity through calisthenic circuits and extensive tempo, lay the strength foundation for heavier training and correct somatotype with Javorek complexes and light weight training. Most importantly, have fun and kick some ass in Flag Football!

3 High Intensity Days a week - Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
Sunday - Flag Football game (40 minutes of 10 yd sprints basically), followed by Complex 1 (essentially, Complex 1 and 2 are the same, except for repetitions and intensity. Complex 1 is a 6 reps for everything, with lighter weight, and Complex 2 is 3 reps, with heavier weight. additionally, volume is added each week to the complexes)

Tuesday - Accelerations, Hills, and Complex 2

Thursday - Accelerations, Hills and “Foundational” weight training.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Fitness days - GPP Circuits and Extensive tempo.

perfect example of a low-intensity day.
I did 2 2minute rounds of
30 seconds each
Jumping Jacks
Line Hops

followed by
3x10 Prisoner squats
3x10 Push-ups
3x10 Sit-ups
2x2 Circle Lunges (each leg, 8 lunges each rep - go around in a circle, lunging every 45 degrees)
Bridge for time

8x10m hills

Complex 2 x 3 sets on 40 seconds rest 95 pounds
not really a true Javorek complex… I replaced the snatches with “Jump” Shrugs and Romanion Deadlifts. This spares my shoulders the overhead work which the get aggravated by, and allows a greater intensity to be used. The complex goes

  1. Hi Pull (to nipple)
  2. Front Squat
  3. Jump Shrugs
  4. Bent Over Row
  5. Romanion Deadlift

Last night - 30min fartlick around campus.

Thursday - off
Friday - Lift and some light tempo.
Today - lift and some light tempo
tommorow- Flag Football!

Tonight - More football, some lifting.

Last 2 days - More lifting, less running… seeing a pattern? Everything feels fine, and even though I’m lifting more frequently, and in terms of weight, typically more intense, b/c the duration of the workouts are so short, I feel fresher.
Tonite, I’ll get in some tempo.

stuck to the bill starr style stuff, back up to 155, now benching and squatting more than ever before. Not surprisngly accels are better. Will continue to lift heavy and limit sprint volume for winter, no indoor meets scheduled. thanks for reading