I read in your book that Ben Johnson took only two breaths in during his 100 meter race. This has worked well for my sprinters as well. The question I have is what breathing patterns would you use for longer distances such as the 400 and up? Would you recommend on a long distance run as a breathing rhythm of one breath in for one stride and then breathe out for 5 strides?
Dr. Schutt

I didn’t use a pattern for breathing at all. This was simply how it worked out for most of the sprinters, and I pointed out the effects were reflected in the acceleration pattern of the race. I wouldn’t alter the natural breathing pattern in any other running event either.

i have read that your meant to hold your breath at the set position and then blow that right?

any 1

Yes Hass

Blow out slowly under great pressure. This outflow will probably take you to 30 to 40 m, but don’t try to set breathing targets, just let it happen naturally. BTW, Ben took 3 breaths, or, more properly 3 out ad two in, during the race. This is pretty typical.

how does breathing in the hurdles different from the 100m race in general?

I seem to be breathing over each hurdle…is there a disadvnatge to breathing rapidly in the 100 metre or the hurdles like this???


the reason why we don’t reach our full potential is due to overcomplicating things.sprinting is a natural movement and as human beings we all have to breath which is totally natural.the less complications the better you will do.keep it as simple as possible guys because sprinting is very strenuous alone

Good advice.


I don´t know why
i guess its because i was 6 years out of sports, anyway,
while i´m sprinting i do a lot of breathes one after another
i guess 8 to 10 breathes in a 100m race,
what i know is;
when i get a pause breath pattern ( like 2, 3 or 4 breaths to 100m )
my times are the same or slow but my heart rate at the end is 15/20% lower,
the main problem is:
my natural pattern breath is short and powerfull breaths, as i said, + - 10 breaths per 100m, its almost a desperate breath…
and when i try to run with a slower pattern breath ( like Ben )
i have to keep one´s mind on…and its take my mind away from race.
As i said, its a big big problem…

Then try emphasizing your breathing during practices and this will eventually translate into 2nd nature where it counts, competition. But, as most have already said, it should be done as natural as possible where you don’t think about it while running.