breaking news usa women to run solo time trial for 4x100

They won an appeal that they were impeded in the prelim, but theres only eight lanes available, so they will run solo on the track tonight

They need 42.7 to advance in the final. story

they advanced… should be a good battle with jamaica who i think will edge out the US

The catch is that they will be in lane 1. Can’t imagine beating Jamaica from that position, though they have the fastest qualifying time without Bowie running.

also leg for leg they have the advantage. they should be good legs 1 and 3 can beat JA but 2 and 4 is what it comes down to

How did I totally miss the relays?

Why is Bowie not running?

I assume to give her some rest after the 200m final unless it turns out she did not attend some required relay camp as happened last year when was not on the 4x1 team for WCs.

Edit: I just read she will anchor tonight.

What happened to Prandini? Hurt? Sponsor politics??

lack of speed