break between seasons

Hi there!

Just wondering what type of break people use between seasons, i.e. before starting your GPP for the next season. How much time do you take off, and do you do nothing at all during that time or do you maintain some elements (eg tempo, weights, etc.)?

Also, do you then gradually ease back into your GPP or start straight away with something like week 1 of Charlie’s sample GPP?


My squad gets about 5 weeks a year. So ultimately it 2 weeks at the end of the main championship season, and then 4 weeks of general program. After the end of the first phase, at around 24 weeks, they get 1 week. They get a week to 10 days at Christmas time as well.

Usually Christmas time about 3/5 days, I am planning back by splitting SPP I to two phases. First one leads to Christmas/NYE our recovery week is planned to be at that particular time, second one leads towards comps, members of the group living within 30min from facilities using public transport. This year Christmas fitted perfectly into our program, we had a recovery week at the track so no break this year.
One week after SPP I.
Four to five weeks at the end of the season. Trying to finish season by mid August so that my youngsters have a bit of holiday. Last season our last competition was 10th of Aug and we have started our GPP on the 15th September 2014.
All youngsters in the group know that they can take breaks when they need it.
eg. Javelin thrower I coach had a bit longer season (2014), we discussed his recovery on weekly basis, his break was extended to seven weeks and so far training is going better than bebefore.
As to staying active during long break, youngsters play ball, swimming, running, etc… I am telling them to comeback in one piece. lol.