Brain Fog

Not sure exactly where to post this but… I’ve experienced the odd bout of ‘brain fog’ for years. It feels as though you’ve just woken up, or had a couple of drinks. For the past week I’ve had this sensation constantly… I can train, but sprinting intensity is dampened, strength in the gym is fine. The docs have done a blood test and I’m waiting on the results.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’ve done some internet searching and it seems that a candida overgrowth in my gut following antibiotics is a possible cause.

Hmmm, try nootropics. They are brain drugs. I take oxiractam and alpha gpc.

Check your diet. I had what you describe of brain fog for years as I was training as an endurance athlete and eating loads of carbs and minimal fat. It kept my weight down, but I suffered from brain fog. I finally figured out with help that I am more productive with more fats and protein in my diet and the brain fog is gone. It really requires some fine tuning of macronutrients you consume. Charlie

Just wondering if you have had any concussions?
I tried a high protein , low carb diet too but I just could not train to save my life. CJenks I could only do it for 2 months and had to stop. Geez i dont know how you did that for years…
I do not know a lot about it but I have a long standing client who recently got a surprise hit to the head. The person described the symptoms as a brain fog.
My only other piece of advice is no one will advocate for you better than you. If you have some issue and you don’t know what it is do what ever you are able to figure it out and get the tests you need.

L-Tyrosine and lots of it. Plus some acetyl carnitine, lots of it too.

have those episodes since 2008, hypoglycemia or reactive hypoglycemia

Try eliminating gluten

Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

I’m currently still waiting on my blood tests. In the meantime I’m following a ‘candida diet’… I figured I haven’t got much to lose as it’s a low carb diet, gluten free, and I’ve still got quality sources of protein. I’ll gradually introduce anti-fungals and probiotics if the blood tests don’t reveal anything.

I’ve ordered some acetyl-carnitine, and glutamine. I have some alpha-GPC and L-Tyrosine left. So I’ll try and use these to clear my head before my next competition. Which happens to be the British university’s champs in the olympic stadium!

Obviously it’s all rather frustrating, as the candida overgrowth theory isn’t fully understood by doctors, and it’s a shot in the dark. But I took two courses of Flucloxacillin, which didnt clear up an infected cut (it eventually cleared itself)… This antibiotic is known for causing thrush in various places, which is candida fungus.

I second this post. Insulin has a mind numbing effect. Energy may seem normal, but mentally and emotionally you can still feel numb. Do you carb load before workouts or eat a lot of high glycemic carbs in general? For kicks, try a low glycemic diet for at least 10 days. Don’t worry if your initial energy levels drop off. Stick with it for 10 days and see what impact the low glycemic diet has on mental faculties. If it improves, then you will need to learn to monitor carb intake more closely.

I’ve tried to eat only low GI carbs for years, most of the time.

I’m swaying towards the conclusion that this is a virus, my blood tests came back good, but my glands are up in my neck and im getting a couple of tell-tale aches I associate with colds and flu. But I’ve had the fog for over two weeks now, I’ve not had a virus with this shelf-life since I had mumps as a teenager.

The ‘fog’ I describe is odd also, my cognition doesn’t seem to be that badly affected. But it’s a spaced feeling, much like when you first get out of bed and your vision isn’t focused in. Very odd. Hopefully it’ll run it’s course. But in the meantime I’m eating as healthily as possible and keeping my legs ticking over with the odd grass acceleration and some light full squats.

I would in the meantime keep everything aerobic, avoid the extra stresses La+ produces.

Problem is, I only really feel ‘alive’ atm when I’m trying some training. Obv at a reduced volume. I’m going back to the docs tomorrow.

Anyone got a recommendation on ALCAR dosage?

Ok so I went back to the docs today. Had a look down my throat and said it’s inflamed and will be the cause of the fuzzy feeling i’m experiencing. It’s a lingerer and will clear up gradually. Which can’t come soon enough, as I’m lining up for the 100m in the Olympic stadium on Friday!

If you are still feeling this way, you might want to try contrast showers or some other means of alternating hot and cold. It’s probably only going to be a short term fix in your case, since you have a viral issue, but you might find that it helps give you a short term boost immediately in concentration/intensity immediately following the therapy. Make sure the cold is very cold and being applied especially to temperature sensitive areas such as the plexus and neck. You want your heart rate to spike up and then come right back down once heat is applied. And, particularly if you are using a whole body method of temperature contrast, make sure to check muscle tonus before any high intensity work. Just a suggestion.

Update time.

I’ve still not shook off this illness, although the fog has eased momentarily on a couple of occasions. I’m going in for more blood tests tomorrow as the doc wants to test for mononucleosis (glandular fever).

I managed to compete in the Olympic stadium last week, hit a brick wall at 30 and held on for an 11.15 clocking… which isnt too bad considering how I feel. Reaction time was 0.17, it’s usually 0.12-13

I’m not feeling too much fatigue, and strength training is going quite well. I have initial trials for the GB bobsleigh team on the 26th, and have been aiming to put size on for subsequent push trials, and have put on 3kg in as many weeks.

The doc told me the worst thing I can do is to stop training… I’m not sure how training effects a lingering virus, I know intense training is impossible with fully-fledged mono. But training doesn’t seem to have made my illness any worse.

I’ve taken all you’re suggestions into account and more are welcome.


ALCAR - I take 1.5G Twice a day with caffeine :slight_smile:

You need to test for Vitamin D, B12, Folic Acid, TSH, FT3, FT4, Potassium, Sodium, Iron and all of the usual athlete screens…

Go get em this season Ben ! Good luck !

I experienced “brain fog” for years and along with a few other things the doctors thought I might have MS. In the process of all this I discovered I was magnesium deficient. Basically when I take magnesium it’s like I’m living in a whole new world. Hard to describe it. I can read for hours at a time, my sleeps are better, and my training is better. Here’s a quick link that may help.

Esp during summer, i need upwards of 3 x more Magnesium just to keep going. Otherwise i run out of steam and feel Bla… for days.

What kind of dosages are you guys taking for magnesium? Thanks.

That question is answered in the link I gave above. :slight_smile: