box squats

Hey guys I was wonderign how many of you guys use box squats and how high of a bocx would you use and why?

I use box squats. We just put the box so you hit parallel when you sit on it. I like them for various reasons. Like: they reduce the eccentric (lowering/reversing) stress on your muscles and they are good for teaching proper squat mechanics.

They are good for developing explosiveness. It takes out the stretch reflex that you would have doing normal squats. This improves your rate of force developpement

interesting what about having the box at a deeper level than 90 degrees would that help things fire ina greater range of motion?

Many of the WSB guys do their DE squats on a box just below parallel. This is what I do, as well. I’ve found that my speed and form are the best an 13", or 1" below breaking parallel with my stance (I’m 5’11" tall for reference).

When starting out, an above parallel box is recommended and, as your form improves, the height is gradually lowered until you are at or just below parallel.

thnx guys i recently started doing box squats and the first day I did them i used a box just above parallel and it was pretty easy to load up the weight but the other day my coach was int he weight room and said he wanted me on a lower box (below parallel) and it was way harder.

Box squatting is used to improve “reversal strength.” Stated by Simmons as static-overcome-by-dynamic work. Reversal strength is used when a sprinter leaves his/her blocks. So as you can see this lift, if implemented correctly, can have positive results.

Jov_Jov - if on the lower box you have to compensate technique/form to finish the repetitions then you should increase box size and then slowly progress back to the lower box. However, if your coach states you must perform your repetitions on the lower box then simply lower the weight until you no longer have to compensate technique/form for weight.

Peter- I agree with you about box squating, all in all its a quality exercise once a soild base as been built. Box squating is an economical strength exercise that trains the start of the race in short sprints, and if your start is a strong point, then your at x+1 while everyone else is at x.

Another thing that should be noted is that box squating really can’t be used as the primary strength movement for an extended period of time

Thnx guys so far my form has not really been an issue when the box is lower the biggest issue is that the weight gets lowered drasticaly. You guys are saying that it will help with comming out of the blocks, well I have noticed a difference in my push training before it felt like i struggled to get the sled moving now it feels almost effort less. Even though I have only been incorporating box squats into the program for a month or so it seems to have helped.
I agree that box squats can not be a used as the primary movment for to long, maybe use it just prior to the season or in season work.

well it seems like you’ve got everything under control then.

Good to know that the box squats are working well for you. :slight_smile:

It’s good to know that the box squats are working well for you. Please keep us updated with your progression.

why would anyone want to limit the range of a lift, make no sense. iam a squatter that takes all
lift to the ground with no cheaters.

plus box squats serve as a perminate stop for
reasons of…

throw those boxs away and plant tomatoes…


tell that to the majority of the elite jumpers in the world

i have, and they agree with me, albiet stubborn at first, but they bent to my idea…


It’s just another tool in the tool box of the strength athlete. It’s like wrenches or screw drivers - always best to have a complete set.
The right tool for the right job.