Box squats vs regular back squats

Which do you all feel are more beneficial in terms of a tool for improving strength for sprinting and jumping type movements? I currently incorporate both in my training now (deep back squats and below parallel box squats) but am curious to see what others feel.

use both…

I use box squats with most of mine athletes. They are great tool for learning, especially in the team settings. Also, the athlete allways have depth reference point. I do not use ‘sit down’, but rather ‘slight touch, pause and go!’. After some time, when the flexibility improves along with technique, I would allways switch to full squats without the box, altought both can be done as tamfb outlined. Hope this helps

I use the ‘Two Elastic Band’ technique.

Band One -
I place the pins at the box hieight and put an elastic band across the pins.
The athlete only can start the ascent when they feel the band.

Band Two -
I Twang anyone good and hard who doesn’t touch the band!

Box squats are great. I know when teenage girls, I won’t allow them to squat deep without the use a box.