Bought Bike Tempo download, unable to save it...

I just purchased the Bike Tempo download…I clicked on the mov file, it downloaded and immediately started to play using the Quicktime player.

It is only on a very tiny screen, not easily viewed.

I tried to copy the file, but I get a message from Quicktime that I need to purchase Quicktime 7 Pro, which I don’t want to do.

Is the Quicktime player a default of the download, or is this something I need to change on my computer? I am using Windows 7 Ultimate OS.

I have already downloaded 3 times trying to save this, so I need to know how to do it correctly before I’m out of downloads.


Not sure what the issue is exactly or if this will help but I will say from my experiences viewing the downloads is when you click on it initially to be sure to save it first to desktop (or wherever you want to put it) rather than just opening it then trying to save afterwards.

I initially left clicked one time on the file, it immediatly opened into a Quicktime screen…this has never happened before. I did not get a chance to save it.

I just tried it again. When I “right click” on the download in the email and then click on “save as”, it shows this as a Quicktime file.
Is this doomed to be a Quicktime file and only viewed as a 2"x3" screen (that’s on a 24" monitor)?

I never had this problem when I downloaded all the other purchases, as they went to an online account on the site.

this is a test reply

I forgot to post to this thread that the problem has been resolved through support… all is well now.