Hey Folks,

For any who have, or have read. What do you consider the best book for information on training with reguards to strength and hypertrophy?

I"m looking for something really science-ey and technical.

So far, these two seem like good contenders but not sure of the real content.

Neuromechanics of Human Movement by Enoka

Science and Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorsky

Any other good ones? Rough idea on their contents?

Thanks much for any help :slight_smile:


Science of sports training
Multi year system of weightlifting or any other russian text!!!
Theory and methodology of strength training

Is that still available?

Science of sports training

What’s that book like? Sounds simular to the one I asked above?


I believe you can still get supertraining through perform better, I think. If not i am sure someone on this site will know how to get it. Its a tough read but well worth it.

Science of sports Training was written by Thomas Kurts. Its a decent book, I had a to read it a few times to understand it. The author writes in a different way bu the info is not over the top. Its a book I enjoyed. You can get it here:

Oh yeah i forgot about them!!

Hey thanks! :smiley:
I just ordered Supertraining 2nd day air, can’t wait!


How much did you pay in shipping?

i got my supertraining on thursday. i havent started it as im still on the zatsiorsky book. i had to pay $9 in shipping though :frowning:

Um… 19 yikes. :eek:

I gotta get that Enoka book soon too though, I talked to someone who has it, it’s supposed to be amazingly informative. :slight_smile:


I’ve got the second edition of the book. It does a good job of reviewing the basics of the physics of human movement, then goes into detail on the workings of the neuromuscular system, and acute and chronic training adaptations. Its worth picking up if you have the time to read through it all.

Sounds awesome. :slight_smile:
Supertraining was back ordered, I cancelled for now, but will re-order when I have some extra funds again.

The Enoka book sounds really great, that’s the kind of stuff I really enjoy :slight_smile:


I ended up getting the Enoka 3rd edition. Man, that book is awesome! Quite the complicated read, but so far well worth it!


Supertraining is on the site; however, the shipping costs act as big deterrant not to get the book. The price of the book itself is alright though 70.30 CDN. With the shipping it comes out to nearly 100 CDN 91 CDN I believe; however, if you order 2 books then the additional shipping cost is only an extra 2 dollars american and the more books you order the shipping cost becomes irrelevant. :slight_smile:

CDN… I’m not familar with that?
When I ordered it before I found out it was back ordered, I think the book was sixty something plus like 12 or so shipping, so the total was in the seventies.

CDN is short for Canadian dollars.

Ah, that explains the $ difference!

Well If the CDN dollar hits 83 cents then I’ll but irregardless, which it should the day after the election . :wink: