Books (one more time) Advice?

Hey Folks

I asked on here a while ago about books, I tried to get supertraining but it was out of stock. I ended up getting Neural Mechanics by Enoka, and it was a great read. Now I’m thinking of getting another book. The two books you guys suggested were ‘Supertraining’ and ‘Science and Practice of Strength Training’.

I’m hoping anyone who has both or either of these books can give me some idea what their content is?

I’m really interested in science type info. on inducing hypertrophy. Maybe discussions of protein turn over cycles, training frequency and volume… ect.

Any ideas on which of these two might fit that better or at least a quick run down of what they do contain would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Ron :smiley:

I personally think Supertraining is easier to read as more of a reference tool. I tried to read it straight through once, and it took me a year!! Zatsiorsky’s book is excellent as well.

Agreed. Both books are excellent resources but Science and Practice is an easier read. Here are the table of contents for both books if you haven’t seen them yet.


Science and Practice of Strength Training

Speedkills- A year? Whoa Nelly, cool :slight_smile: So you feel both are great then. Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks, I never had seen the table of contents. Oh man, Supertraining is HUUUGE! Looks awesome. I think that’s the one I want!
Now I just have to hunt down that link I had for ordering. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch for those. :smiley:



Get Zatsiorsky’s book as well as Supertraining. Both are a must have.

OK, I’ll put Zatsiorsky on the list for next after Supertraining then :slight_smile:
Next time I have free $$ I’ll grab that one too. :slight_smile:


Try to contact Dr. Siff’s wife directly. In case you didn’t know, Dr. Siff has passed on and I’m sure that financially any help is good help. Plus ordering directly from his widow could save you 10-20%.

I did find another place that has it, if it’s not too late I’ll try ordering from her. How do you contact her?

Yes, I did know when he passed. Very sad. I used to post on the supertraining digest and even exchanged a few emails with Mel. He was sure a nice guy. I still remember one of my first posts I wrote the word “Adaption” and Mel posted back to tell me there is no such word, it’s “Adaptation”. So I’ve been careful ever since to use the proper spelling :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea!

Mel’s wife’s name is Lisa. She can be reached at

I was fortunate enough to attend one of Mel’s camps several years ago and learned so much it made my head spin. As great a teacher as he was he was an even better man. I ran into him years later at an NSCA conference and I was amazed that not only did he recognize me but he also remembered my first and last name. I was a nobody but he made me feel like I belonged. I was struck by that. Anyway, sorry for the sentimentality but this post brought me back. Carry on.

Just and FYI,

here is a link to Siff’s supertraining archives. There is so much info on here, reading is posts you can learn somthing new everyday and its a great refrence tool.

all you have to do is become a member

No, don’t apologize. Mel was great and always had an ear to listen. I used to love the way he would dare Chek to present at a conference he was presenting at. He knew Chek was scared of him!! Like Charlie, he was unafraid to share his opinion on things and had enough science and experience to back everything up. I know he ran his camps very cheap at his home in Colorado, especially compared with some of the “mentorship” gurus.


Yes I remember the whole chec saga. There is a ton of info on that in the archives. I used to love when he would rip apart all those so called guru’s!!!

Thanks for sharing that. That says a lot about the man.

Thanks so much for the info. and Links guys :slight_smile:
I’m now looking even more forward to reading Supertraining :smiley:


Try Strength and Power in Sport (Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine) by Paavo Komi. Expensive though, around 130+…

Keep an eye out at the used on-line book stores. I just picked up a copy from Amazon’s used book section for $40 US (although the other 7-8 copies were listed from $120-200). Incredible text, though! I’d highly recommend checking out your local library/university library for it if you can’t afford it. The whole encyclopedia set is an incredible reference source.

1st edition is cheap. 2nd edition is not. I looked everywhere. If that’s 2nd edition that you paid 40 bucks, then consider yourself a lucky bastard! :smiley:

No, I wish it was the newer copy! There’s no was I could currently afford that.

That’s also one of my “wish list” books. I have no idea what the contents are but it’s been refered to me a few times. So I figure it must be good.
What kinda info does it have in it?


I just looked it up on Amazon, man, 138.50, ouch! No used ones available. They let you read the table of contents for that book, it does look awesome.

Any who have read it, did you also read Supertraining? Any comparisons, critiques?