Books in your library

Ok guys what does everyones Strength book Libraray consist of?

Arnold New Encyclopedia( yea I know but it’s a classic)
Various Poliquin, King Articles
Essentials of Strength and Conditioning

Also can anyone recommend a top Sport Biomechanics book? I’ve searched for alot and Zat has one that looks good but it’s alittle expensive. Anyone know a good one?

There’s a little bit of brilliance in many authors texts on performance and sports biomechanics, but you have to sort through the coals to find the diamond. Often you may only find one chapter in a book to be helpful, but if it helps use it.

From what I hear, unless you have a very good handle on physics, the Zatsiorsky text is a very tough read.

you got it svass. don’t bother buying the book unless you have a very good grasp on physics and biomechanics.

I have alot of books on training and specifically Olympic Weightlifting.

best Oly lifting book is the The Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Drechsler not referenced but TONS of usefull easy to read info and a section on Russian, Bulgarian, Greek and cuban programs to name a few.

Explosive Lifting For Sports by Newton is a good beginner oly lifting book.

Christian T’s Black Book was also enjoyable

Russian texts from Sportivny press:
1980 weightlifting yearbook
The training of the weightlifter, Roman
A System of multi-year Training in Weightlifting, Medvedyev
Fundamentals of Special Strength training in Sport, Verkhoshamsky

These too have great info but it dosn’t jump off the page you have to dig and interpret.

Supertraining is a HUGE resource but tough to get through but I like it (I was reading some today)

Textbooks I liked and kept

Basic Biomechanics by Hall
Introduction to the Human Body by Tortora and Grabowski
Understanding Nutrition ninth ed. by Whitney & Rolfes

I also enjoy the MILO journals and have every issue.

I have many more books but some are not worth mentioning.