Bondarchuk and Strength Training

Does anyone have any information on Anatoly Bondarchuk and how he conducts his training cycles?

I looked for info about him too and there’s very little out there. has an article talking about the step-up and how he was some sort of originator of it, but Mel Siff said it was bullshit. In all seriousness, your best bet would be to go to Kiev and talk to him personally.

You may find something on elitefts.
I might have seen him referrenced there a while back.…hmm, quite a site.

Thank you for your reply. What exactly did Mel Siff have to say about the article? Why was it bullshit? Thanks.

He has written a number of articles in the Soviet Sports Review – might be worth a look. I think Jay Schroeder worked with him for sometime as well?

I read that too Jami, but only from one source - so I’m not quite sure how true it is.

Jay did get a lot of his ideas from Bondarchuck.
Mel Siff pretty much said that the Squat is still the best exercise and the evidence that those guys were presenting was suspect at best.