Bolt beaten in Rome!!


Rank Athlete Nation Result Reaction time Diamond Points Diamond Ranking

1 GATLIN Justin USA 9.94 0.163 4 1

2 BOLT Usain JAM 9.95 SB 0.143

3 VICAUT Jimmy FRA 10.02=PB 0.199

4 RODGERS Michael USA 10.04 0.198 2 3

5 COLLINS Kim SKN 10.07 0.211

6 SALAAM Rakieem USA 10.08 SB 0.198

7 NEWMAN Calesio USA 10.29 0.210

8 TUMI Michael ITA 10.29 0.156

9 FRANCIS Samuel QAT 10.40 0.165

Huh? That was interesting. Bolt got a good start, but he looked very slow by his standards and didn’t separate from the field like he normally does. I’m not sure what’s going on with his training but his top speed just wasn’t there. Bolt is looking more and more vulnerable with every race. I know it isn’t a terrible time and if Bolt wins in Moscow in a 9.6 or faster all of this will be forgotten, but something just seems different about this year.


he got an outrageous start bolt did. I wonder if that took away from his finish, or is he just not in shape yet. THe last time he was getting starts like that was the last olympics

Don’t matter - it’s early.

i know. its much better than his last 100, plus if he had relaxed he wouldve won this race, but jgat has had a few more than bolt this year

Speaking of relax. I just got my copy of Relax and Win by Bud Winter. It’s going to be interesting to see how this book and the contents shaped Jamaican training.

I am sure you remember reading on this site many times how several of the Jamaican coaches were seen carrying around Speed Trap and The Charlie Francis Training System?

It’s interesting he put himself in the position to get beat.
I was not able to see the race from this post.
Did Bolt really not look great?

Ang he looked like he had no top speed at all (for him). Start was good, acceleration was fine for the speed he hit, and he maintained his speed well through the line, but he just never got going the way he normally does.

Yes Ma’am, I sure have!

I just think he isn’t training hard and takes off a few seasons here and there. Setup an Olympic Games and he’ll crush the field.

He’s obviously not in the best shape at the moment, but we’ve him drop his times in a matter of weeks previously.

Yep, this looks like nothing new. Right now he doesn’t look his leanest and seems to be missing force production at top speed (hips are sagging, ground contacts are longer, isn’t standing as tall). What’s scary as others have pointed out is his start looked phenomenal, if he gets into top form with that start look out!

perhaps he only ran it out to 30m and his instructions were to cruise it home from there… :wink:

Short to Long program?


“I have always said you need at least 5-7 100m races before you can find your peak form. (400m sprinters need a bit less, like 3-5 races)”

Isn’t that almost word for word what Charlie has “always said”??

He references Charlie often.

He is probably one of us talking on this thread??

Were did the link go?

But jimson the owner of the speedendurance site works with Derek often.