Bolt 9.58!!!!

Spectacularrrrr mind boggling run

1 656 Usain BOLT JAM 9.58 WR 0.146
2 1183 Tyson GAY USA 9.71 NR 0.144
3 665 Asafa POWELL JAM 9.84 SB 0.134
4 111 Daniel BAILEY ANT 9.93 0.129
5 1116 Richard THOMPSON TRI 9.93 SB 0.119
6 492 Dwain CHAMBERS GBR 10.00 SB 0.123
7 1110 Marc BURNS TRI 10.00 SB 0.165
8 1215 Darvis PATTON USA 10.34 0.149

Still impressed with Powell’s performance given the problems he has had this year and in the past.

9.58…looked like he had yet more in him.

Yeah, I’ve never seen Powell that relaxed before a race.

Great run by Gay too, he still looked a little strained, hard not to when the next to you is blazing something crazy. Gay has 9.6’s in him.

Agreed, and with his youth I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves an amazing record and puts on an unbelievable show in London, and that is without even considering that the 200 is yet to come!!

I feel fortunate to have lived in these times

“Just like the 2008 Olympics, this years World Champs, will be a circus. The 400-meters will be won in low 43s but no record. I expect my athlete to win just like last years 400 meters. In the 100m, the world will see a 9.51 or a time very very close. In the 200m, the world will see something superhuman. Not even the statitcians will have predicted what Bolt will run. I have had the opportunity to watch him train several times this year and I can tell you with certainty that he will go under 18.95”

I was hoping Tyson would have been in better shape (Initial 60M) when I made this prediction. Wait until you see the 200m!

Anybody knows about the headwind? wow, 9,58.

I think the wind was .9 tailwind.

Tailwind 0.9

I wonder if Usain could reach 9,4.

Sensational - I’m speechless.

Usain can reach whatever Usain wants to reach

crazy, props to Gay who is the only man to go toe to toe with bolt in the top speed department. Bolts start has drastically improved. Powell is definitely happy with his performance.


I wonder what Usain’s time will be when he hits his peak. I wonder what his top speed was too.

f%ck me


Gay was flying.

How does it feel to be the 2nd fastest man ever and still be over .1 slower than the fastest?

Good? Bad? Confusing?

Guess the track wasn’t slow after all. Bolt was predicted to run just about anything but Gay ran a big PB. Seemed to be ok for the top guys but made it tough on the guys who were fighting it.
G-Force hung in there close to his best- always tough when you’re in this circumstance without a sub10 clocking behind you- that’s for next season.
I just got in from my son’s soccer so I need to find the race films to comment further.


Never doubt German engineering! If they say they have built a track that is super fast yet soft enough to reduce the likelyhood of injuries than that’s what they have done. :wink:

I hope Tyson’s groin will allow him to do the 200m. In top shape he could probably threaten the current world record, although by the time he does it will not be current anymore. :slight_smile:

Anyone knows what happened to Darvis Patton?