Bolt 14.36

50m 5.64
100m 9.90
150m 14.36

wow smashed the world record.
any videos up yet?

I was watching it live. It was beautiful! First 20, 30 m he ran very easy. Then he accelerated. His second 50m was 4.26! I am sure, he willl break world record over 100m again this year…

did he even try?

4.26 over 50m, he would have been split 0.84 for sure then.

Rounded down to 14.35. +1.1 wind as well so its leagal!

What was the angle of the run? Didn’t look flat to me on the film.

so basically his first 100 was about the same effort in the semi finals of the olympics. it was a 9.85 into a -0.1m/s headwind.

He a bad man!! He’s wanted in the streets!!

All flat, the street isn’t flat so they had to prop the track

Anyone have PJ’s 50m splits handy from his 19.30 run? Of course, it’s a bit hard to compare the two due to the lack of a curve. I agree with CF that the track doesn’t look level.

looks little downhill or uphill :confused:

I’m looking at the track vs the buildings beside it. looks on an angle but could be the camera. That said, the splits should give a 19.10 200 IMO.

his 50-150m split is 8.70 according to the iaaf
asafa powell had the same 4x1 split actually in the wr relay.


The 22-year-old Jamaican, who won three gold medals at the Beijing Games last year, covered the first 100m in 9.90 and the “the flying 100” - from 50-150m - in just 8.72.

A quote from Sky Sports

Not sure you can see it that well from the video posted but bolts start wasn’t that great he stumbled his second third steps

37.63km/h, the fastest average speed ever recorded for any race from starting blocks.

The track was soaking wet and the temperature about 12 degrees Celsius.

14.35 - 5.64 = 8.71