body vibration

has anybody used whole body vibration for recovery and regeneration, or do you know of any for’s or against, for running or jumps.
Any information would be appreciated, thanks.

I’ve used vibration training for home fitness daily for one year, and I was very happy about the results of giving me a moderate but effective workout with minimal time commitment (only 10 minutes daily).

I’m not familiar with use for sport training. However, I know of a published strength coach, of major soccer team in Italy, who uses vibration training to accelerate recovery of injured athletes.

I used it 4 years ago like so:

1 day pre-race I would do quarter static squats on it for 30s to get some neural firing.

1 day post race I would do static toe touches for recovery.

I generally found it may have had a small difference on my racing in terms of speed, but it deffinitly helped my recovery, i felt much better.

I dont use it any more - lack of access.

You can use whole body vibration for stretchning/flexibility purpose, but for recovery and regeneretion you have to do other.
Generally WBV are used for strength and/or specific situation as post injuries rehab.
Therapy/self therapy/nutrition/supplements/hydrotherapy are better for R&R.

Jamirok, two years ago I was at a presentation on Vibration training given by Dr. Gian Nicola Bisciotti, a researcher who also serves as one of the strength coaches of Football Club Internazionale Milano (a.k.a. Inter, a major-league, Italian soccer team). He illustrated his use of Vibration Training for injury recovery, speeding up rehabilitation for his team’s athletes.

Recovery is too much general concept.

I (and my associate) use WBV for injuries recovery, flexibility recovery, strength rehab…but this is simple structural (neuromuscular system) recovery (basic level).

(Advanced) Recovery means physiological recovery, working with specific protocols for enhance adaptation/stress response.
In brief, you have change in your CNS/ANS, hormonal and immune system, this approach can give you terrific results on human performance.

I have been suffering recently with achilles tendon problems and started using the Power-Plate to aid bloodflow/recovery. I have been doing weighted single leg squats for 3 sets of 60sec at 35htz high. started off with an 8kg kettle bell now i’m using 14kg. usually get 10reps out in 60sec and it hurts like hell :frowning:
really feel the work in my glutes which is where I believe my problems lay. So i’ve decided to carry out my own little experiment and to only use the power plate for my leg strength exercises this season and see how it affects my performance.
Last season I ran 100m - 11.5 200m - 23.4 at 37yrs old.
will post any significant/interesting results as and when…