body status after PB

If after a race your athletes feels incredibly tired for some days,and also has DOMS in quite all the body muscles (even shoulder) would you bet he was doing a PB ??
Assume the athlete is coming from 5 weeks of training so the soreness is not coming from very low volume.

Charlie what is your experience on this one?
How was your athletes feeling after a PB ?a part of tiredeness did they experience DOMS also?

only 5 weeks of training?
sounds like they are just not used to full explosive nature events yet?
shoulders will get sore after really exploding the arms, ie around the traps.
sounds like a bit of tempo to help fix.

Sorry,i mean the third cycle has begun from 5 weeks. He began to train last October.After his last race the transition period was about 4-5 days ,then he begun the SPP(3weeks+1 unload+1 maintenance).
He did a race on sunday,and he is still sore and tired.He runned a PB,but the time was sospicious.So i am trying to understand if he really runned a PB from his phisical condition.

sounds like he pulled something out of the bag. Give him his required rest and recovery. Plenty of tempo and easy med balls. Antinflamatorys, and Tens machine if you got one. Then in 10 days time, try to race again.

Do you mean he runned faster ?

Off course for the rest.
Monday was rest,yesterday was recovery tempos,today medball and a few adbominals,tomorrow will be tempos (aerobic emphasys).

c’mon, aussie slang cobba. you get the drift.

ehehehe :slight_smile:

today no shoulder doms,but still there on gluteus and hip flexors.The same or even more on adductors…

he must have put in a good one, what was the old time and what is the new time?
even if there was a tail wind and that caused some of the extra speed, it was still faster, and stresses were, as we can see, very present.

before 10"48 -0.4m/s
this one: 10"26 +1.2 m/s
There are many doubts on the electronic timer or wind reading,even if in that heat the strange results aren’t so incredible.