body lean

when i run, in my acceleration phase I can do “body lean” (my body forward). what is the problem?
tecnique? strenght? flexibility?

and then, in my max vel phase i can’t touch my butt whit foot(like I see in the videos).

If you unable to maintain forward lean then you need to get stronger.

my strenght is not low…the problem is in the first metres, after i can mantain body lean.

i must try whit sled? or better whit a weight and rope (i haven’t a sled).


Sleds are ok if there not too heavy. Or short sprints up hill.

yes…but if i haven’t a sled, i can use a weight plate (for example 5 kg) and train it whit a rope? or can i use a weighted vest?

avoid the weighted vest (Charlie says so).
use the rope and the plate.
Best option is hills though

Try and do some practice runs so that weight doesn’t bounce when your pulling it.

Find an old tyre and add weights to its inside as required. Don’t go too heavy though. use a rope to pull it. But don’t tie the end of the rope to your body. It could hurt at times. So get an old belt and wear it and tie the rope to the belt instead.