When training for speed do you guys like squatting heavy early or later in week?

I like it early. And I think weights needs to be based on capacity for the day like Dan Pfaff and Charlie do.

Early whether training for speed or not since fatigue accumulates during the week so your best at the end of a week is not your best at the end of the week.

Do you think two lower body movements is needed if your doing 300m+ of speed work per session?

I like both, early in the training year or gpp I would perform heavy squatting early in week. When you move later in year and want more quality workouts throughout the week I would perform a single leg movement or jump squats on mon, cleans on wed, and heavy squats on fri , I found this way allows for 2-3 high quality speed sessions without heavy legs.

No. I don’t have a problem with what lr400 recommended in gpp but as the athlete transition into spp and speeds are faster; I don’t think two similar movements are needed.

I haven’t seen much nor know alot about Hartman, overall I like what I see/hear about his training methods. It’s difficult to learn enough about someones program with seeing one workout, i have always stuck with CFTS - it’s what I know.

Looks solid, I see about 3 months of heavy accel work - make sure your top speed is in place before doing too much speed endurance work.

Another question regarding ol’s - would you guys drop them or go with pulls year round if the athlete didn’t have access to proper equipment. FYI - I hate going from the hang so that’s not an option.

I would drop them and possibly concentrate on sprints and bp only.

For a bobsleigh athlete?

Seems since you move heavy loads in that sport seems you need to keep some heavy load.

Do you mean doing clean pulls, mid-thigh pulls etc. instead of power cleans, etc.?

Yes - clean/snatch pulls from various positions.

Just as Pioneer has mentioned, I would highly recommend performing derivatives of Oly’s… meaning clean pulls, mid thighs, shrugs from bent knee (120 degrees) position. There is much evidence that one can increase abilities in full Oly lifts when performing a majority of various pulls during training year.

Would you use your typical clean loading or overload 100-120%?

I personally choose a load that is taken for that specific lift… not compare apples to oranges. Hope this helps.

Should be fun getting an est max for clean pull.

How does your weekly lifting looks like for your sprinters - are you squatting twice weekly and pulling once etc?

Yes during non comp. weeks and once each during weeks with a meet.

Great, can’t remember if you answered this or not - are your athletes performing two or three speed sessions weekly? I would assume three since you are lifting three.