Looking for thoughts on “Dinan Performance Package” for Bmw’s?

Not sure what they give u under the hood but they always blow by me on the highway and the look bad ass… I am sure they have a ton of options depending on the model u are looking at. I know someone who got a 135i and with just a midlevel package it came out to 60k…

Kool, I was looking at the X5.

Damn… High roller eh? I need to get me a S&C job too :slight_smile:

Bad idea - go private sector…

I’m into M3’s (E36, E46) and I have never liked the Dinan modified cars or felt the need to get one because M3’s come from the factory highly tuned. The e36 European version has a motor where some parts of the design was taken directly from F1 cars.

Also, the Dinan package is also very expensive and I would rather modify my own BMW (if I had one) at a race proven BMW shop then go the Dinan route.

All around though, BMWs are expensive which is why I’m a Ford guy. I hope to get my hands on a 1993 Cobra soon that’s about a 13 second car from factory for 8 grand used. Throw another grand or two into the motor and I’m low 12’s. To run 12’s in a BMW you’re shelling out thousands of dollars and you’re going to need a blower or turbo kit.

Yuck, I hate american cars…

^^, ha. But anyhow, just remember that aftermarket companies that repackage a particular make/model of a car might not always be worth it and that they are in business of making a profit just like the original car manufacture.

Often you’re better off just doing it yourself if you know what you’re doing. Start with how you plan on driving the car (ie, auto cross/ drag race), how fast you want to go, then build the engine, then upgrade the trans to support the modified engine, then end with right suspension set up. Don’t be that sucker who pays an extra 12k for a few aftermarket badges, a less then great suspension package, and 1 second improvement over factory.

I know you’re not into American cars but one aftermarket guy/company that knew how to build a race car was Steve Saleen as he was a race car driver himself. The S351 is legendary, and it’s my dream car. It can go 10.9 in the quarter mile and has the handling of a Ferrari.

I had a bmw a few years back. Kept giving me problems. I have been a lexus man ever since. Got 3 of them now. You should get an M3 so I can give you the business. I love smashing m3’s!

I got the hookup from my Arab guy -$55 for labor. BTW, that lexus wouldn’t stand a chance - you would hear that “Rick Ross” as I blaze pass you - 9 piece or John Doe. lol

Get a rotor, takes big bucks to beat one.

That shit ain’t cool. Sounds like a damn weedeater. Rb your country Carolina ass needs a pickup. Ford150 platinum or since you don’t like USA trucks…a Toyota tundra 4x4.

Had a ford 250 like pastor troy… lol

I was going to post a link to the BMW with a rotary but couldn’t find it, a 20b bmw that ran 7 secs. It was called Barby.

Im tell you from passed experience. I raced a guy in a 2010 m3 dct coupe. He thought i had a turbo 250 or 350. He got me from 100-110 once i hit 115-130 i had ran out of sight.

Id definitly get the ford svt raptor

Mate if I was to buy a new car it would be an Audi or what you have got and I would tweet it up. My son is sending his vnvs ss motor to my mate to get yound up. I an still a commodore man myself. The speed limit over here is 110kmph at the best so if you race it get on the track and you have the paperwork as proof. Let the bullshit roll on.

Them new Audis are V10-V12 now right?

That car^^ is not drivable or practical in everyday street…lol That car was a full on drag car with expensive customizations that is illegal to drive on public roads. As far as big bucks to beat one, not really. The 2003 Mustang Cobras are LEGENDARY. Guys are getting 03 Cobras to run 9 secs in the quarter mile STREET LEGAL, so you figure 2 seconds away from a highly customized (I would submit exotic) rotatory car that needs to be trailered to the the track is not bad at all.

Secondly, a practical rotor motor (say an RX7 engine) is known to have a poor bottom end performance, meaning, short quick races in the street your going to get beat by cars with average torque and clobbered by high torque motors say like a Corvette or a 1987 Grand National. Rotors only really come alive during long distance races like long open straights or on the highway unless you dump a ton of money into the engine/trans.

I know because I raced one, I was on the freeway and I was in my 5.0 Mustang and I was racing another 5.0 Mustang and a Mazda RX7. Me and the other guy in his Mustang left the RX7 as we all got on the freeway at the same time, but the Rx7 came on strong from nowhere as we got up to 80mph and stayed with us. I could not shake the RX7 but the other faster Mustang eventually left both of us. The other Mustang must have had a full exhaust system and better cylinder heads.

Yea, I don’t know what the deal is the BMW. The M series needs some kind of power adder like a turbo or supercharger. Sure, you can put one on but then you have to take in consideration that the car was not built around the added power so now you have to upgrade everything. If that’s the case you’re better off just getting a Porsche GT3/rs.