Blocks and 30 Meters

I have had a habit for quite some time and am having a hard time getting out of it. My first two steps out of the blocks are very short not allowing the full extension. As much as I think about it I cannot seem to overcome the problem. I Find it hard to visualize far and quick out of the blocks. Do you have any suggestions???

As well the length from my hip to my knee is 40 1/2 cm and the lenth of my tibia from tibial tubericle to head of tibia is 41 1/2 I am 5’7". I am wondering if relaxation is key to greater stride length, is it a flexibility issue? etc. Once I get up my stride is great.

Final question, when running my first 30 meters I am in the mix with alot of 10.6 - 10.8 runners but once I exit my drive phase they pull away. What is the reason for this.

You should NOT think about it and definitely not during the acceleration phase; just drive hard your arms instead.

Relaxation is of great importance, yes!

How are your strength levels?
Are you doing any explosive exercises (e.g., med ball) and doing them properly (i.e., full extension)?

Also, have a look at this and use the “Search” button for more info in here.

Hope it helps!