block starts and setting changes

here is a video of me slo mo once i have moved my blocks further back and i also moved the pads up higher.

here is one of me and my partner once we have both changed our block settings

notice my 2nd and possibly 3rd step i cut it short and the movement isn’t complete.

how can i fix this??

if you can see any other faults i can improve please let me know.

things im doing right and things im doing wrong are much appreciated.

i have more videos if you click on my user account name.

Looks like your arm drive isnt as aggressive on steps 2 and 3. If you focused on that aggressive arm drive after the start you might get that extension you’re looking for.

you need more vertical lift.

i have never noticed that before. i will try this on thursday. thank you!

what exactly do you mean by vertical lift? im not too familiar with it during the start, any example would be very helpful .

A couple of weeks ago Charlie said ““Those steps will tend to be shorter anyway but you may be losing power by trying to pull your knees through instead of letting them move through naturally. It’s very hard to tell in the dark with sweats on but I’m guessing because you seem to come upright fairly quickly. Don’t try to force anything and see if there’s a difference.”” - Your foot landing is currently relative to your cog and acceleration.

As you have asked the same question again I presume you are more than a bit worried, to give yourself more time to increase stride length I suggest you try and get more height from the previous step.

thank you very much sady. yes your right i have been quite concerned with this especially since the weekend when i raced and i seem to be getting left in this first 10-15 metres and then the gap created here seems to hold and i start to close the gap in the last 15 metres or so. from that i can say my first 20m is a problem so im really trying to get it right !