Block Starts...ahhhh!

Today I did starts for the first time this year and i must say they werent bad, they were horrible. Starts have always been my weakest part as I do not have the explosiveness like ben. I never feel comfortable in the blocks. My coach 2 years ago showed me how to do it and had decent results, and last year I didnt learn anything about anything and was a write off. So I have some question about block starts.

What system do people use to devise a comfortable block setting?

What does the block pad angle mean?

Any tips such as closer to the line further away?

any help or suggestions would be helpful

Put your front block angle down all the way and your back one up one notch. Move as far back of the line as comfortable as I think many people are too close to the line.

Charlie’s Fundamentals of Speed & Strength DVD show a great deal on block technique.

Thanks, I wil try that next time. My problem has always been that on the set command, I never knew how high to raise my hips, and that also my feet never fully pushed back angainst the blocks because it just feels damn ackward. Does anybody else have this problem?

The Speed and Strength Video Download has everything about block starts in it. I never fully understood them until I watched it. Very useful indeed.

also in one of the hsi vids mo does some block starts. you cant say as a rule that it should be x distance from the line, y distance from one block to the other. its all relative to your limb lengths etc and your power and strength will also influence your starting position.

who is hsi? lol

I cant tell if youre being sarcastic or serious, but HSI is the group trained by john smith. Athletes include mo greene, ato boldon, jon drummond and leonerd scott.

I just have always had problems with starts, it comes down not feeling comfortable in the blocks in the set position. And just think about how much im loosing out by not having even a decent start. I know the starts arent everything but at my level it all helps.

Try doing Belly starts for about 2-3 months maybe? After that, blocks will be easy!

I have the speed strength video and I do not remember anything about block starts.

Are you sure that is the right video.

in set position try to achieve angles of approx 90* front leg and 135* back leg.head in alignment with back and arms straight

simple rule…to be used for guidance and not set in stone

Is it Fundamentals 1 you have?