Biofeedback devices

Members, Interested in your opinions on the principles of biofeedback and the devices being marketed to ‘‘improve’’ peak performance.The following url is an example of one such product.


Crazy stuff. I wish there was more information on the site about it…maybe some sort of demo.

In all honesty I think you can get most of these benefits listed simply by listening to music before your competition.

Improved reaction times
Better concentration
Significant reduction in distraction during competition
Elimination of performance anxiety
Greater self-assurance and self-confidence
Stronger visualization skills
Increased power, balance & consistency
*Quicker recovery times (maybe not)

Mortac, There are many such products claiming similar benefits like this one too

I am wondering about the validity of these claims. Thoughts?

There really is nothing that device can do, that listening to slayer won’t do.

:smiley: Finally someone who understands the value of Slayer.

But that peak achievement thing looks pretty cool. Probably way too expensive to be practical though.

I know popequique messes around with little “reaction time games” and stuff like that on the computer. I think it’s a somewhat valid measure of CNS readiness.

I think stuff like above can help prime the CNS but I’d be interested to know if anything like that can actually improve the maximum capacity or output of the CNS over time…not sure about that one.

On a somewhat related note, Bud Winter (Lee Evans, et al) was a relaxation/hypnosis expert who trained military pilots to improve their focus and ability to relax. He didn’t use any systems like above but I think there is great value in mental training in general if you are under the correct supervision.

I just think these biofeedback devices you listed are too expensive to really be practical. I think the OmegaWave tests include some basic biofeedback tests. Pakewi?

Mortac you are right these devices are too expensive. Omega wave system is in excess of 30,000 US$ !

It includes some reaction tests that require you to press a button upon hearing an auditory signal. It is something like 50 signals in 90 seconds. It is supposed to show the readyness of the cns…

Yes, Omega wave test the reaction/readinss of senso-motory center/system.