Bingtian Su squats

Here’s a video of Chinese sprinter Bingtian Su doing squats for 5 explosive reps with, if I’m not mistaken, 170kg (375lb) at a body weight of just 65kg (143lbs)

Well, half-squats anyways.

It looks to me that I only see one 25kg plate which would make it 120kg. Red 25kg plates are usually quite thick and it looks like they are using Uesaka brand plates.

Ok. That’s why I said if I’m not mistaken, because I thought I could see 2 25kg plates on each side.
If it was 170kg, it would be exceptionally impressive because he only weighs 65kg!
He just ran 10.10 (-0.1) for 3rd place here

He cracked 10 sec. yesterday… :open_mouth:

Yeah very good aggressive run!

If you read in the comments section of the squat facebook page , the guy training him says it was 150kg he was squatting. Quite impressive.

At first I thought there were 2 red plates on each side, but it seems from ku2u#1’s post there is only one red plate each side. The red plates are 25kg, the yellow plates are 15kg and the green plates are 10kg. Bar weight is 20kg, so he’s squatting 120kg there. I can’t see where the other 30kg comes from? Not taking anything away from the guy, just sayin.

To be honest I don’t really understand what’s the fuss is all about.