Hey, I just got my BF% measured with a Caliper test and he said that I am at 10.?%

How accurate is that? I know that Caliper tests have a big margin of error, but how big? I can see my abs pretty good…just a little FYI

I just got mine done last week with calipers. I Had the exersise physiology instructor do it and 2 students. They have to plug the numbers into some formula on the some computer program and they will get back to me. I will see them tomarorow and hopefully find out what they came out with. I will let you all know.

My guy just clipped me in a couple of spots and the Caliper device calculated it inside itself and that’s how it got the number. Let me know, though.

i dunno how the heck he came up with the number. theres a whole intricate formula but on one of the computers in our ex.phys. lab all you gotta do is plug in the numbers and your age height and weight and it calculates it for you. The areas they took measuremnts form was my illac region, near my navel, back of tricep, and thigh. In each area i was between 7 and 13 millimeters i think. So we’ll see what it comes out to.

Don’t ask me. It was an electronic Caliper machine. If I get the exact numbers, do you think your teacher could do mine as well?

He took mine near my navel, the tricep and bicep area and the mid-back region. I have no idea.

Either way, since this is probably not as accurate, what would you say mine is?

Is there anywhere I can find out my Body Fat % with aan accurate reading?


oh, he used an electronic one? hmm. interesting. I never saw one before.

Yea. get me the numbers i see what i can do.

I’ll see how fast I can get them, but chances are I might not get them until Saturday when I see him again. So, can you wait until then?

sure thing.

why does everyone agonise over their bodyfat level? if ur running fast, isnt that indication enough?

through further training, diet, etc, you will improve further. not simply lowering ur body fat level.

ie, if ur 11%, and u get down to 8%, will you suddenly be running faster? perhaps. but why?

because u have more muscle, stronger, faster. the body fat reduction is a by-product of this. correct?

probably at your local fitness center…

Based on height/weight it says 14.6% and by waist size it says 5.7%.


I think if you diet and loose body fat and maintain muscle and strength then you do improve your power to weight ratio.

You have to carry whatever is on you, so it makes sense not to have big body fat levels.

If you weigh 70kgs and 10% fat that estimates that you have 7kgs of fat. While that is not much if you loose a few kilos of fat chances are you will run a little quicker through loosing the weight.

Well that is my theory and I am sticking to it :slight_smile:

Does any body think that there are risks associated with excessive fat loss or whether an athlete can be too lean? That performance could be comprimised bellow a certain level?

the mirror never lies.

Get to bed before 2 am!

3am is my best hour tho!

I prefer 11 am…this is when all the husbands are working and I am on my “lunch Break”.

im with you on that one. until im getting towards some sort of elite level, i refuse to agonise about it. im a skinny $hit anyway. ill just keep eating my sashimi and omega 3 tablets.

if ur eating a lot of food (volume) its inevitable u put on a little fat here and there with it. no matter how perfect and disciplined you are about it. i dont think the body can ever turn 100% straight into energy or waste. by nature it will save some for a rainy day.

it is possible to lean down for a competition (commonly called peaking, correct?) without a loss of performance. but getting that lean all year, during training? forget it, methinks

ur having a break from sprint queen at 11am? hehe