between season rest

I was just wondering how long everyone takes in between seasons or after the year is over to rest. What do u do during that rest period? just jog? just lift? and how much rest would be considered too long or too short

Good topic. I finished a season the last weekend of May, and plan to take about a month off. When I say off, I mean no lifting, jogging, anything! I’ve let my diet go to pot, and am not doing much besides golf. I usually wouldn’t take as much time off, but I was unusually burned out at the end of this competitive season.

What does everyone else do?

yea i took about two weeks off of doing absolutely nothing too after my season was over. and also i noticed when i wasnt training, i was lettin everything like my diet go down the drain too… im sure this isnt the best way… haha

After the year is over, a maximum period of a month with some type of active recovery is fine. A period of over 4 weeks and you start to detrain all the speed qualities you worked all year for.
However a period of 7-10 days between seasons is sufficent. A month would be too long.

Pool workouts and general strength stuff will be cool. Resting the body is a key element for the next season. Active rest, play other sports, like golf, basketball.

Just let the body recover.

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Kenny…I did not like the pool stuff you sent me…pool workouts are fine but Brent’s information is foolish at best. The clarion info is general but the intensities are fine. I will post later after I find your thread.

Glad to hear you receive that information.

You could have at least told me you got the stuff, Lol

Good you got it!

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at the end of the season its 2weeks off with track being the last thought on my mind.usually i take 5days off after every 9weeks trained,anything over this will cause me to slip back in training progression

Sorry Kenny for being rude…I am so busy with things I forgot my manners.

The best sport to do during a rest period is Brazillian Ju-Jitsu!You work the stomach,back,and hips alot while doing Ju-Jitsu and it’s fun.

not everyone has master Shang Hi to train with…
jus kidding T2… i agree with you on the benefits of it but its just to hard to automatically get in to and find peole to train with.

Depends also on the event.

As a hammer thrower I would have 4-6 weeks of training, I would do nothing for 2-3 weeks (depends on how I feel) and then maybe walk or weights (very easy) for a week or 2.

Sprinting I would say 4 weeks - 2 weeks doing nothing.

Use the break to recover mentally from training if nothing else.

During those 2 nothing weeks i usually lift at least one of those weeks. however not as high intensity and i just lift upper body.
Anyone else never really stop lifting upper body? I can see taking stress of the legs but i like to keep my upper body stimulated.

I understand that Quik.

Mosy of my injuries, from throwing, where shoulders and lower back.

Knees sore all the time during season.

Put up with knees and lower back, but not shoulder. Can’t deliver hammer with shoulder injury.

I must be getting old. 4 weeks isn’t long enough now to recover.