Best sprinter of all time

Carl Lewis
Mo green
Jesse Owens
Leroy Burrell
Ben Johnson

None, UNLESS your talking bout the 100m…and then still none of them. Michael Johnson is by far and away the greatest sprinter ever - no contest, but if your looking purely at the 100m sprint then carl lewis and mo green would be up there, and I know that asafa powell needs more major titles but c’mon, he’s the fastest man ever(which would usually be considered the greatest sprinter ever).

You need to add those two to make it a true poll, unless you want us to choose one of those guys even if they aern’t the best ever, coz none of them are.

you need to add mroe names like bob hayes etc. and definitely include mj unless ur going to change it to a greatest 100m runner of all time.

fei: once you post a poll you can’t alter it…

Bob Hayes and Jesse Owens for sure are favorites!


Where do you get those avatars!

Maurice is the G.O.A.T…

Rupert you bad boy! lol.

Asafa doesn’t make the cut? What about that guy from the one disney movie?

Can’t have a list without Bob Hayes as well.

While he was never top dog, for career weight and duration – Frankie Fredericks.

good point

lol my mother walked by and stopped to glare at that avatar

haha, same here, and I try to act all innoccent that i’m on an athletics website and she hardly believes me anymore.

Michael Johnson “Greatest sprinter of all-time, NO POLL NEEDED”

yes, you are right!
and there are other problem with this list
Burrel is the first: what did he win?
And then Lewis: probably he is the best athlet of all time but as sprinter Ben did give him 1 meter and half…

Saw some footage again of Bob Hayes : the guy was a beast. What could he have run on rubber with a coach smart enough to give him modern information, and smart enough not to try too hard to “correct” his action. He hardly touched the track in Tokyo. But I still think Ben would have wrecked him off the blocks and would not have come back to him - on rubber or any other surface.

Its doesn’t matter what could of happened, it matters what actually happened. Michael Johnson is the Greatest Overall Sprinter of all-time, undisputed champion, domination, consistency, did every record in the book. His style was impetuous, he was totally ferocious.

No Poll needed.

is the greatest run ever. A 9.79 in 1988. It took nearly 15 yrs for someone to shade that time. If he didn’t decide to taunt Lewis, Asafa and Gatlin would still be chasing that mark. Otherwise, It’s too hard to say as they were all great.

Maurice Green is definately the ‘greatest’. 1 Olympic title, 1 Olympic bronze (silver?), 3 world titles and 1 WR. Throw in the number of sub 10s on top…

Of course in the record books it will say Lewis - 2 Olympic titles (+ 1 gold and silver at 200), 3 World Titles and 1 WR… BUT the reality as we know was much different.

BTW, How can a man who has never broken 10s even be considered as the greatest srpinter of all time?