Best book for beginner

Hi all,

Sorry, I didn’t know where to post this.

I have made a few posts on this forum recently and it is clear that I am not aware/ understand many of the discussions that take place because I have no experience in sprinting at all but certainly have an interest.

I am 17 years old and have a passion for reading training literature from numerous authors/ sources and implementing them. Most of the books I have read are aimed at strength training either for athletes or for everyone. I have read material from Poliquin, Christopher Sommer, Pavel, Christian Thib, Charles Staley etc etc. I try to further my reading all the time but recognise the importance of not trying to follow/ mix many programs at once.

I am not a high class athlete whatsoever…just a normal 17 year old but I do gymnastics strength training and LOVE it. Sprinting is obviously a part of my training and so I thought why not learn from the best…here.:slight_smile:

So what I am wondering is what is the best book to start with. I have very limited knowlegde in sprinting but a fairly good base with strength training. I was thinking Charlie Francis Training System. Is this good to start? Is it completely safe to download ebook format? What happens if the download stops and issues such as this?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

CFTS is a good place to start.