Berlin - 100m Women

Shelly-Ann Fraser again!. 10.73 from 10.75 to Kerron Stewart.

Fraser’s start was simply unmatched and Stewart’s was merely ordinary compared to how solid her start looked through the rounds. But even so…10.73 from that little girl (who as an inappropriate aside has simply the best ass at 100m currently).

Now number 3 all-time. Nice job.

She keeps getting those starts when it counts- really separated from the others. Makes the relays a big show with the WR under definite threat from both the Jamaicans and the Americans.

My moneys on the Jamaicans. How fast do you see fraser getting in the next few years. Do you see any of these women threatening the WR? I think if fraser can work on her finish she can get down to 10.5.

Oh and she does have one of the best butts, but the best naw there are too many out there.

Here it is not 1+1=2. Better acceleration, more problems with last 40m…

So if Shelly-Ann has the all-time No.3 derrier, who have the top two? :slight_smile:

Saw a flash on the news, she certainly gets in a position where she has to accelerate fast or fall on her face.