Bench replacement

In the fall I dislocated my left shoulder and I have had some irritation in the labrum in my right shoulder in the past. When I bench, both of this problems come to light as the pain is pretty bad for the next few days (not soreness). In baseball both my shoulders are very important and I cannot afford to lose them. Are there any exercises that I could use to replace bench press? I am already doing JOBE exercises to keep my rotator cuffs healthy.

Do pushups hurt? Does DB or BB Floor Press hurt?

Push-ups hurt sometimes, but not much. If bench lockouts are similar to floor press, those have put tremendous stress on my RC’s both times I tried them.

Can you do any pulling motions? You just have to worry about rehab and not worry about any pushing motions.

I’m sort of new to this, so assuming pulling is cleans, pull-ups, and deads, then yes, I can pull just fine.

Yes, and lat pulldown and row variations.