Ben Johnson

If BJ ran a 100 m race TODAY, how fast would that be? 10.8-11.2 range?

seeing as he is “coaching” im pretty sure hes keeping in shape, im sure hed break 11, dont know if it would be easy, but i`d bet on it!

have a look:

Take my word for it, coaching is no recipe for performance.
Do you know how to tell the difference between a personal trainer and a coach at a glance?
The coach is the slob working with the really fit guy, and the PT is the really fit guy working with the slob.
(Not always- but often enough. After all, you can’t pay attention to your athletes and work out with them at the same time, and if you do your job as a coach, you’d soon be unable to keep up with your charges anyway!)

difference between coach and pt…tooooo funny!!! Thanks for the laugh.

That’s priceless, Charlie! I think everyone shopping around for a coach (or trainer) should bear that in mind. Look at the condition of the athlete, not the “guru”.


I think you just coined another saying for the history books with that statement on Coaches/PT’s.

Great stuff


Does this remind you of a “walk the walk” reference out there? “Hey! He might not be original but he’s pretty!”

Nice one!
I was going to post referring to that quote Charlie -
'nuff said.

There is more truth to what Charlie said than some people might believe. The More clients that I get, the harder it is to train myself and hold a job.

Charlie, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I read your post.

Super quote Charlie. and so very true.

:clap::clap:priceless,i’ll add that to my list of CF quotes

so true charlie. is there any possibility of bj ever posting on this site? just wondering.

I also wonder if BJ will ever post on this great site. I emailed BJ’s site Mid-Summer last year asking about posters, videos etc. and a few months later I received an email stating that BJ had been out of the country training others. There was also mention of a book coming out by BJ in the Fall of 2003.
The name at the bottom of the email was Ben Johnson. I wonder if it was really him.


So what Charlie is saying is that we can expect Linford Christie to look like a slob in a couple of years :sing:

Linford won’t be a slob for while yet guys!

11 seconds would be easy for him to run methinks…u dont need a gargantuan amount of training to run 11…

hell if i can do it…

I saw a brilliant documentry on Ben and in it, he said he beat a guy at school and ran 11seconds. So he ran 11seconds when he was 15 or something.

I say Ben would run 11.35 !

Training is that much important.

Muscle Memory is the key here

Kenny Mac~~

Yo people imagine if all the old timers got togther to race for charity or something.

Carl Lewis
Linford Christie
Ben Johnson
Lerol Burrel (can’t spell)
Raymond Stewart
And the rest!

I think that linford christie would win, this guy is a machine.

Got to big up all my people!