Ben Johnson

Does anyone know how fast Ben Johnson could run the 100m before he started lifting weights???
I heard he couldnt break 11 seconds but I’m not sure thats true.

I think in CFTS it says he ran 10.66 - 10.3 when 14 years old. However, I don’t know if he lifted at that age.

At 18 he ran 10.36 with little serious training.

Interesting, thanks

Are you kidding me? No serious training?

Read Speed Trap–he had been training seriously and getting consistent, world class therapy since age 15 and he ran 10.26 at age 18 making all of the major Grand Prix finals?

He also ran a handtimed 10.3 at age 16 (speed trap/cfts only detail from age 15 on I believe).

Does anyone know how much he squatted when he first started out???

I think a better question would be how much weight was he lifting before he started sprinting the 100m. was it the weight training that made him faster? or was it the sprinting that made him lift more weight?

strength gains in the weight room should come from power gains ie you lift more weight because you are explosive recruiting more motor units have a higher rate of force development. training for power your strength can go up but the reverese is not necesarily tru especially in trained athletes. seek power and the numbers in the weight room will find you, even if they didnt does it matter if your fast. you do want to be a sprinter dont you?

He was training hard.

I have found the best way to get stronger and faster is to do heavy weights for minimum reps.
For example, if my squat max is 500 I wanna do 490 for 2, 485 for 3, 480 for 4…etc…etc

hey supersprinter: those lifts are they to the ground, or that useless half bending.