ben johnson time progression

Yeah I want the time progression of big ben…so If somebody knows it …write it here!(and does someone have his time when he was 15?)

gwh, you should stop your mad posting and take some time to read over about 200 of the threads here, and get to know how to use the search function.

they have a search function? thanks a lot!because I want it REALLY bad… and sorry guys…me and english …its not a great deal…

I do what you said to me but I didn’t find any of his time before rome in 1983

Do you own speed trap?

hen?!when I say time progression I talk about is time when he was like,15,16,17,18 etc

And I said do you own Speed Trap? It discusses various years of his development and the other sprinters in Charlie’s group. Do you need to be spoon fed?

It’s just because Im not really good english I cant understand everything is wrote here…I dont even know what’s speed trap:S

Speed trap is a book sold at the store section of this website. Great book telling the story of Ben’s development as an athlete over the years and many other athletes as well. Also tells the story of Charlie’s development as a coach. Great book-I’m sure virtually everyone who regularly visits this site and has been on this site for some time will recommend it highly. Hope this helps.

Re language;
We hope to start translating the dialogue on our videos into Spanish shortly.

I know he was OFSAA champion with a 10.52 I think it was. They mentioned in a book you got there, the times of past winners who are well known now.

I guess he was 18 or 19 or something then.

Thanks a lot…it help me a lot!:slight_smile:

At the end of his sr year in High School he ran a 10.25 at the world cup trials and made the finals in the biggest GP events - Zurich, Berlin, Cologne

how old are poeple finishing highschool in ontario…because here in quebec its like… 17 years old…

Ontario used to have an extra year,grade 13, which was dropped a couple of years ago.