Ben Johnson blocks setting

Hey Angela,

I would like to know the block setting of Ben Johnson… hard to judge from the footages.

Thanx Angi or anyone who know?

His blocks changed along they way right? The stronger and faster you get the more you will need to adjust this. That does not mean you are changing them every week.
I think the emphasis on starting and the cues people are getting their athletes to think about might be a bit hyper focused.
We spent time doing starts but then we were repeating what was in place.
If you are spending too much time changing the plan it’s difficult for the athlete to get used to repeating anything except ‘change’.

There is more art than science to the start blocks and all other aspects of this than most think.
why do I say that?
Apparently Ben’s start was not right or correct according to those who studied it at the time. Apparently ‘they’ said it needed to be changed.

Isn’t his start much quicker even over the first 10/20m - doesn’t that show it works? I’ve been away from the forum for a while I’m sure charlie back in the day has discussed this ad nauseam

Everyone has to find a start that works for them. The start is the end result of all the pieces worked in within the training. The value of working on starts a bit each day of speed work is part of the training for blocks is the specificity of practicing block starts.