Ben-gay for recovery?

This is probably going to sound incredibly stupid, probably because it is, but:
I guess by warming up the muscles Ben-Gay (or whatever heat rub people use) increases circulation. So, could putting Ben-Gay on when not training help recovery? Would there eventually be adaptation from this, leading to not being able to use it as effectively for recovery or before racing?

I put it on both my calves and my right hamstring because that’s been getting unusually sore the day after hard training recently. I put the plastic wrap on too tightly and cut off a little bit of the circulation in my right leg. Despite this, my calves were in good shape this morning and my right hamstring was not sore. I can’t say it was definitely because of applying the rub, but I think it may have had to do with it. Why the plastic wrap? I’m finding it hard to keep it on and keep it loose.

I don’t know about recovery, but you can loosen tight spots with heat rub. Apply to the tight area before bed and cover loosely with plastic wrap, followed by sweat pants (not tight!). Sleep this way and by morning you should notice a difference. Don’t try to do too many areas at once or you’ll end up turning down your metabolism and the treated areas won’t get as hot. Try it and report back to the group.

I prefer Tiger Balm :baddevil::

Awesome, thanks Charlie, I’ll try it in about five minutes.

charlie i rememeber you giving me that tip months ago.great idea and great results.just don’t let anyone see you going to bed like that

I use tiger balm too just before comps and training it sure warms the area up so i can continue without any tightness at all.

About this wrap technique how could that be employed in the treatment of scar tissue after an injury, I mean this is a form of heat treatment so what time scale should be used to bring it in to action.

No one has actualy stated what type of heat treatments they use and when they use it. For instance when I have a really tight area or some scar tissue I will use a heat lamp to super heat the area before stretching the area usualy with dynamic stretch’s.


after another school record in the 4x100m…I can say the balm and wrap works! He couldn’t run on thursday or friday but was ready this weekend. Thanks.

The hottest rub on earth is called toast. They have 3 kinds. Check out This stuff doesnt heat up until you sweat.

How bout Atomic Balm. :smiley:

Stupid Question: What kind of plastic wrap are we talking about? Just plain cling film or some special wrap to be purchased? Thanks :wink:

I want to try it on a slightly tight right quad!

Charlie, Clemson or Pete. What kind of wrap are you talking about.

Thanks :wink:

the plastic wrap you use if you don’t have tupper ware.

Thanks Clemson.

I actually read your answer about 10 times before it made sense.

I actually went onto

and asked myself: “how could I wrap that around my quad?”

ha ha thanks :wink:

A lot of the stuff I did was on faith now. I can’t wait for what the rest of the world tells me to do. CF said it works and I had no other options. We did and know I can take credit to 8 school records with two schools.

I have a mild but persistent tightness in my right quad. Therapist verified that it isn’t anything serious. I will try it out and report back how I got on.

athlete, what is your tightness due to eg. increased tone, inflammation, scar tissue? I ask since heat may not be the best option.

Thanks for the Interest Richard.

Its a tightness that literally just ‘came on’ over time. No definite injury. I feel it most during warm-up sets of squats (of which my technique is good).

I don’t get enough therapy (spend as much as I can spare) and find that stretching doesn’t really loosen it out fully.

A massage therapist didn’t detect any strain or tear but some residual tightness.


Originally posted by Charlie Francis
Apply to the tight area before bed and cover loosely with plastic wrap, followed by sweat pants (not tight!).

I found this is very important or you’ll cut off your circulation!

guy use cling film.the stuff you’d wrap food in ie-sandwiches etc.don’t wrap too tightly,just make sure that the solution is sealed to the skin