Bejing Bull Shit starts

This is probably just the beginning.


I want to see what the Chinese have in store for the American Swimmers after all the hypocritical bitching by the Americans over the years.
The trouble in a police state is that they know your business- they know the NZ team wants the hotel and has planned for it, so they know they can disrupt them. A better approach might have been for the hotel to be booked by a NZ “trade delegation”, with a switch happening last minute- too late to do anything about it.
I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more along these lines.

i guess the chinese missed the part where they suck in every sport but table tennis and diving, it doesn’t really matter what they do, this won’t be a display of world domination.

isnt there a 110mh who has a good chance?

Better stay tuned!

they won’t beat the USA in medal count despite putting more money and time into pretty much every sport.

I hope you’re kidding!
First, China doesn’t intend to loose in the medal count. Second, NO-ONE outspends the US when the NCAA is added in. No one even comes close!

home olympics, home decisions wont need much else in their favour to tip the scales from 2004.

  1. United States of America USA 36 golds
  2. People’s Republic of China CHN 32 golds

russia had 92 total medals usa had 102 china had 63 aus and germany had 49

i wasn’t thinking about the ncaa, but obviously that monstrosity tips the money scale.

still though, china isn’t gonna have a 40 medal swing to beat america.

Lets make a decision on what is winning the medal count.

I can remember Aust beating USA in Swimming for the number of golds and the US team said we won more medals therefore we are better, except when US has won more golds prior to and post that event it was the gold medals that counted, get over it.

haha, was Carl Lewis on that committee?? Sounds just like a quote from him!

Didn’t they institute the policy of only allowing 2 representatives from each country in swimming because the US was cleaning up the medals so much?

That could be BS, but that’s what a pretty good swim coach (American though) told me.

Davan that could be true.

I can remember in hockey, the team I played for lost the final in penalties and the coach in the presentations said we were the better team because we finish top of the ladder are the season by 2 games. Come on, why play finals!

The point is people change these things to suit them.

I expect China to become a super power in sport, why? Well if they get a similar population in % terms doing sport they will white wash every country.

The switch in the rule occurred because the GDR were sweeping everything before them.

Watch how much luggage, equipment, etc. gets “lost” during transit.

When our girls softball team travels, their shoes and glove is always in their carry on luggage.
We can make them a unifrom with a magic marker if necessary.


It never ceases to amaze me that when one person/organization/country does something low-down, hypocritical or just plain shitty, there are immediately many who want to change the focus to somebody else’s shitty behaviour at some other time.

I’m sorry, I must be slow today. I don’t understand what you are saying or to whom.


China should get handicap points for their lack of genetics.

Now the IOC has found a better way to take away USA’s softball dominance – eliminate the sport from the Games entirely.