Beginner Sprinter

Hey guys, here’s my situation:

I don’t have a big sports background, but have lifted weights and done some jumping before (during a parkour stint). I’ve also in the past played a bit of rugby with my mates, but nothing serious. What I did find was I was quite quick whilst playing, so I thought I’d set myself a new challenge and see how well I could do in the sprints; my dad was a good sprinter so I thought maybe I’m genetically lucky… after all, I do seem to carry a big butt around with me!

When I was 14, I ran a rather shabby 13 second 100m. I’m guessing that’s improved somewhat, I’m now 21, did some speed training for about a month and recently did a handtimed 60m from a 3 point start at 6.96 (including reaction time, though it could be very inaccurate!), but I feel my technique leaves a lot to be desired. But I think if I can improve this time I could maybe get involved in some competition?

Unfortunately, at the moment, I’ve been struck with shin splints. It’s something that’s been niggling at me for a while but I never sorted out, and now I’m going to be taking at least a month off. I’ve got the GPP video, and I was going to follow the program, but I can’t start running until I’m recovered.

However, I can still train weights. I’ve had about a year’s training and can perform powercleans and such, so as a beginner sprinter but not beginner weightlifter, should I be following the advanced or beginner weight circuit on the DVD?

I have the following recorded recently:

Height: 5’ 9.5"
Weight: 165 lbs

Deadlift: 336 lbs
Squat: 309 lbs
Bench: 220 lbs

Vertical Jump: 30"
Standing Long Jump: 7’ 7"

I feel my standing long jump is pretty bad compared to my vertical, but I have a feeling it could partially be a technique issue as well as lack of hamstring strength.

So really my question relates to what to do in this injury period as I’m still allowed to do weights, and non impact exercises.
Should I aim for any hypertrophy in this period despite not really having had a background in speed training?

At the moment, I don’t fulfill the sprinter somotype (I’d attach a photo so you can judge but I can’t seem to) as indicated in the CFTS, but I am a naturally skinnier person and worry that gaining weight may slow me down if I don’t do it alongside speed training.

I assume I can replace tempo work with some low intensity based cardio work to improve my fitness. I also intend to improve my mobility through stretching in this time period too, as I’m quite tight in general (which probably did not help my condition at all!)

Apologies for the essay…