Beginner 100m sprinter


I am just a beginner looking for help intrested in 100meters.

I have no Idea what is my 100meter time right now.

I weigh around 167-169,5pounds right now and I am 5’9 1/2 (I am not sure of my height but last time I checked it was 5’9 1/2).

I do weight train 6times a week right now and soon will do less than 6 times a week but will increase the weight and emphasize mostly on half squats, deadlifts and bench presses.

I know I have to start learning correct sprinting technique.

What do I need to learn about sprinting technique? I mean do you have a website that will show me how should I sprint? Or should I just watch some videos and try to imitate from the bests?

I have some fat around my lower back and abdominals. My waist measurment is 34,1inches. It’s kinda big I need to lower it maybe circuit training will do the trick.

What kind of training would you suggest me to do to improve my 100m time?

I would be very happy if any of you would advice me.

Thank you for you time.

get body by jake workout video it will help u get faster. i had a guy went 11.7-10.8 in 3 weeks using his workouts after spending all indoor injured.

Are these kind of gains possible when you are a beginner?

Can you give me the link for the dvd that you are talking about because I found the website but I didn’t find from where I would buy the dvd are you talking about or what I mean there is big list.

Too amazing gains to believe. Thanks for the replay.

Your kidding, right?

Lol that’s why I said too amazing to believe. I wish he is not kidding because I would like to believe what he is saying for my own reasons lol (dreaming).

But seriously how much can beginners improve their sprinting in the first year. Because there is a lot of room for improvemnt in the first year to me.

Since I have never sprinted only when I got late for the bus because I am always late but never sprint at max unless it’s necessary. :smiley:

But I don’t know what is correct technique and I am not very stong like some of you guys who are squatting 400pounds less or more.

But let’s say I sprint 100m in less than 12,5seconds? How much do you think is possible to improve in first year if I am going to practise my sprinting technique every week plus train with weights and do plyometrics.

If I am doing everything correctly and stay injury free is it possible to lower 1second or even more if I have the genetics and the best possible training?

If I want to buy some of the stuff of charlie’s stuff is all of the stuff is possible to download immediately?

You’ll get a lot of crap for posting this because doing a search will reveal a lot of results and people hate reposting, but I’m going to answer you because I’m nice :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, it all depends. Yes, you could sprint 11.5 a year from now or even sub 11 it all depends on a numbe rof factors a lot of which are out of your control (good vs bad coach - how do you know at first? Proper recovery, staying injury free, very very good nutrition)…which comes through trial and error. If you do your research and stay on task I think you will find your results to be quite satisfying though!