beep test

i want to work on the beep test this summer, since the during varsity training camp i will have to it… so i was wondering if doing the beep test once/week would be deterimental to speed.

i’d probably do it like this:
thurs-Beep test/weights

If you are fast enough, one beep test shouldn’t be a problem. My fastest athletes were always the once who finished last in the beep test. We never did anything remotely similar to them in our training.

so just to make sure… you’re implying that speed work plus tempo for conditioning WITHOUT training specifically for the beep test, is better then adding it in?

Adding in work specifically for the beep test may make you slightly better at the beep test, but I doubt it will prepare you any better for soccer. Every other week may be fine if you must simply because it will give you an idea of what you are in for, but I don’t see much purpose of doing more than that unless you are doing some sort of competition or it is absolutely necessary from a recruiting stand point (like the 225 bp test or 40 in football).

Yes, the beep test is totally useless and detremental to needed abilities if actually trained for.

And for testing?
I will try to find out is there a connection of BEEP test result with RSA ability in soccer…

The problem with beep test is that result depends on both “aerobic” and “anaerobic” capacity! If you got two athletes with same aerobic capacity, but one of them is able to “tolerate lactates” even more, he will dominate in beep test (if their economy is the same). Thus, doing beep test can actually lead to “forbiden” 75-95% zone!!!
If you do beep test, consider it as Medium or High Intensity training and plan accordingly!

Your observation in paragraph 2 answers the connection question in paragraph 1.

And that is the problem, because beep test is very valid in assessing VO2max (speed at V02max or value??), and there is medium correlation with VO2max with RSA test…
Things are becoming way to complex these days… I wonder if I am able to solve at least one part of this puzzle in my upcoming paper…

Don’t do it. Just fake cramp, asthma, get a nose bleed or say you have ITB syndrone and can’t lift your legs. It used to work for me!

Why are you saying this? Have you got both estimation and measurement for the same group of people? If yes, let us know!
About your academic work, make it simple! If needed, you can always expand it! Good luck!

Hey Nik,

I still collect various papers on subject… I got a lot of stuff to read before and I got to lead a GPP preps… I am going to a vacation for 7-10day, and when I return I will “hit it hard” :slight_smile:

Check my last post (table) in RSA thread!