Battle of the CF Products

Which product(s) do you find most useful ? You may choose more than one option.

Lets see what happens


from the products i have (cfts, forum review, speed trap), i feel all three compliment each other. the forum review cleared up a lot i wasn’t sure of from cfts. all great products.

I liked CFTS. Made me look at things differently on how to train properly without overtraining. That’s when I realized how much I was overdoing everything. For a long time, I wasn’t sure how to tie speed sessions and strength training together. Now I do… I also liked 2002 forum review as well. I am looking forward to 2003/2004 forum review in the future (if it’s planned).

2004 review is planned for both ebook and print!

Hope this helps


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GPP DVD IS THE BEST. You get demonstrations of all the exercises.

Waiting for The Jane Project and I’ll come back to it, as I really think opinions of all in the forum will help the to a great extent about prioritising future projects!

Till now the DVD is of tremendous, immediate help, but as Charlie puts it, all complement and expand each other…

So far I’ve got;

-Speed Trap
-Forum review

They are all great together, especially the DVD & CFTS.

I have :
cfts, and forum review.
I have had an ongoing problem with paypal due to my changing emails numerous times, trying to get best server for my area.
I am sorry I missed the dvd in time for gpp. Even though I havent seen it, I presume it is demonstrably an instrument that I would’ve benefited from, in creating cogent and comprehensive gpp for Joe.

One point I want to make is that as a novice trainer, I had to plow through the books I got and interact with the forum posters and sort of feel my way through…
after a couple months I went back and re read, and was able to understand twice as much.
Perhaps gpp dvd is a good tool for such as me who could benefit from visual aides.

Yes, I think your experience is typical at the start. The products, and the Forum, of course, are intended to support each other and the DVDs help clarify alot of the points made.

I think you’ll find that the DVD’s expand and clarify the written material. For example on the GPP DVD you can see how a program is set up, how drills are done, and how to avoid “paralysis by analysis”. On the Jane Project, you can see how the training interacts with problem solving and required therapy, and, more importantly, what good therapy consists of so you’ll know if you’re getting it or not.

The Jane Project dvd was very helpful in understanding that training per se is only one component in a puzzle to achieving good results in a sport.
It shows the importance of proper rest, balanced nutrition, preventative and corrective therapy and assessing the particular needs of an aspiring athlete.
It was very interesting to see Dr. Mike Prebeg performing ART and other techniques.
You are able to see Jane’s improvements, as you have shots before and after.
I strongly recommend it.

The Jane project probally benefits a coach or a therapist more then an athlete. Personally I didn’t like this product.

i didn’t see it, but from what i read it would benefit the athlete by understanding correct therapeutic techniques and therefore allowing an athlete to realize if proper therapies are being performed on him/her.

If it benefits a coach or therapist, it should benefit the athlete who will then know what his coach or therapist should be doing.
Perhaps this comes under the heading of me telling you what I think you should know, rather than you asking a question you want answered.
This is particularly true with masters athletes who need to be on top of therapy more than average.

I find CFTS and black book most useful. They are the one I always go to to clear my mind.

I don’t have any DVD’s but guess the GPP would be good

if it benefits the coach who looks after an athlete, why not benefit the athlete as well? besides, as i haven’t seen it, don’t you think you know more now about treatments etc and who and what to look for when you want to have one?
not sure, but it sould benefit the athlete as well, even indirectly (via the coach, or his personal treatment)

I dont have to go far to imagine how it would help everyone… at least those kids that are serious about training…
i.e. the poor guys at practice last monday…the coach’s routine was too much without enough recovery… some of the guys were muttering about football injuries and the like… yet they were the ones who most wouldnt lose face if you know what I mean. They didnt have a trainer there and she probably wouldnt want to go against the coach anyway. So… she’ll tell them after the fact?
Some coaches set their guys up for disaster… I have to say.

Certainly Speed trap was the most entertaining-that goes without saying-and was also informative re: training. After CFTS, I felt like the most useful product was the gpp dvd and then the forum review. Hoping the spp dvd or other e-books will be out soon. Otherwise just “winging it” based on knowledge provided by previous works.

Let me second Pioneer’s hopes. I hope GPP’s current 4th place ranking won’t stop the SPP DVD from being the top priority, because the GPP DVD has “To Be Continued” written all over it. An '03/'04 Forum Review could follow closely behind for the same reasons. The originals were great and deserve a sequel!