basketball training

dude i have no idea how to make a basketball program with a agility and speed program put together. iw anna work one very aspect everyday, so should i just pick drills i should do, like how many drills for each part of my game? how often should i change up teh drills. have any tipcs for making programs like this wow im confused, i hate this. and trust me i have been searching and searching but cant really find anything im always worried about overtraining, like what if the program i make isnt right and it will overtrain…cuz today my legs are OUT

i tried to make one… im gonna do different drills everyday, for those of u that know this stuff…is it better to do that (different drills everyday) where it gives u a chance to work on every part of ur game) or u do the same workout everyday which gives u the opportunity to work on those parts of ur game more. example- i do mondays workout everyday and try to perfect every drill then i switch it around…or is it better as it is


-60 Second Sideline Drill
-Shot Without Dribble 2x3 min
-Shot going left and right 2x3min
-Off the dribble shots 1x5 min
-3 suicides
-5 shots from spots on the court
-Floaters (switch from left to right hand) 30 shots
-Post Moves 10 min
-Square Dribble 3x10
-2 Ball Dribble 1x5min
-V Dribble 3 min each hand
-Crossover left to right really fast pace (keep dribble low) 5min


-Spin Dribble then shoot 1x3 min
-Behind the Back then shoot 1x3 min
-Light Suicides x3
-Stutter Step then Shoot 1x3 min
-BackBoard usage 2x2 min
-Court 2 Court jumpstop then shoot 2x15
-Jump rope for 2 min
-Peja Stojakovic three pointers
-Fast pace three pointers
-2 Ball Dribble 1x5 min
-5 Minute circle

-2x30-40 yard sprints
-60 Second Sideline Drill
-5 wind sprints
-100 jumpers from anywhere on the court
-The Ram drill 3 min.
-Jab-step and shoot 1x5min
-Mikan Drill 2x20
-Reverse Mikan Drill 2x20
-500-1000 jumpers at game speed

-60 Second Sideline Drill
-Shot Without Dribble 1x3 min
-Shot going left and right 1x3min
-Change of direction-court 2 court-jumpshots 5 min
-Beat the Pro (Full court)
-Step Back Jump Shots 3 min
-Crossover Dribble Left to Right in Place
-Dribble Around Right Leg
-Dribble Around Left Leg

-Pull-Up Jumpers 5min
-Dribble Penetration (Work on quick 1st step dribble penetration) 3-5 min
-Pull-Up Bank Shots 5 min
-3 pointers W/ Dribble 20 shots
-Individual Choice (have fun with ball) 2 min
-2 Ball Dribble
-1 Dribble layups from 3-pt. Range (only one dribble) 15 times
-Turnaround Jumpers from Right Block 2 min
-Left Block 2 min
-Hook Shots from Right Block 2 min
-Left Block 2 min
-Fadeaway from right elbow 20 shots
-Left elbow 20 shots

(always shoot 5-10 free throws in between each and every drill)

well ive changed it around a bit…instead of havin different drills everyday, now ive put most of em together and do it as one workout and do it everyday and then once i get real good at a certrain drill ill try switching things around and addings other drills…thoughts?

A couple of questions first, what are:
i) Peja Stojakovic three pointers?, and
ii) Suicides?

And what position do u play? It seems like guard with the drills ur doing, but I’m not sure.

I reckon it looks alright, but try finishing off each session with 100 or so free throws - its a real good way to wind-down after any practice. And put in some plyometrics one or two days per week (bounding, box jumps, backboard drill (repetitively jump up and down with minimal knee-bend, slapping the backboard at each jump, for about 30 seconds per set - its good for rebounding). How old r u? When does ur team have trainings?

I dont see a single defensive drill in there. Dont expect your coach to play you if youre a defensive liability, especially not at the end of games.

backboard drill sounds like conditioning, do you really think it helps with rebounding? Basketball players don’t jump to max height that often in a game as most people think. When Increasing power do ahtletes perform high reps of anything? So why do the backboard drill…

I’ve seen NBA players doing it, and personal experience. I think it’s good, plus the jumps don’t need to be max height, just helps u get used to getting up for the loose ball.

It’s aka “double-leg jumps in place” a low intensity plyo. I remind sport coaches to stop the drill when spotting that point of fatigue and any decrease in technique. That’s when injury can take place (over time). When done after warm-ups great, but at the end of practice or for logd time periods , no. I just hope those NBA players where touching rim…