Barry Sanders

I have searched for this but havent found anything, does anyone know what Barry Sanders offseason strength, speed, and conditioning program looked like?

And I don’t think you’re going to find anything. Here’s just an exerpt of something I found in an article:

Barry was consistently absent from the Lions off-season conditioning program, their training camps and anything else he wouldn’t be fined for missing.

The full article can be found HERE.

from what I have found he kept to very basic lifts and did his conditioning sometimes with jerry rice.

Sanders was one of the hardest workers in the off-season. It is also said that he did Ballet to help his balance and constantly worked on his flexibility. For one of you guys to say he “didn’t go to Lions workouts in the off-season” it was because he worked so hard on his own that they really didn’t mind. If you watch him make his cuts his ass almost hits the ground, so he had to do some sort of training. The Boston College Football Strength and Conditioning coach commented on how hard Sanders worked on the off-seaons at a clinic this summer. Saying his flexibility and balance came from all of his hard work.

Did they go into any specifics as to how he trained?

How would the BC strength and conditioning coach know what Barry Sanders did?

Barry Sanders used to train in a group with jerry rice. Standard stuff. Sprinting, hill work, specific agility drills, lifting.