Barry Ross & His Sprinting Theories

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I am not an expert at speed training, but I was listening to an audio interview with Barry Ross and read an article in which he briefly explained his methods and I have browsed his posts on the same forum in which the interview was found at. I just wanted to know if his theories on limiting the amount of muscle tissue on his sprinters is a good template or if his methods are sound. Again, I am by no means a sprint expert, but I figured if I had questions, this would be the place to post.
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Search. It isn’t a new concept and his article has been discussed here before. As far as theories, Ben Johnson, Mo, Ato, Drummond, Crawford, and Asafa sure don’t look like they are especially trying to keep muscle mass down, nor did FloJo or Marion appear that way.

Chambers did get a bit big…perhaps Charlie could get into the secret german tables for sprinters and muscle mass.

Thanks, I’ll search around!

Have you got the link to his radio interview?

What is this secret table?


The post was poking fun (joking) of one strength coaching telling how “big” someone should be in order to be a world class sprinter. Charlie posted on how someone called this guy and he told him he had to weight 200 pounds at his height and the sprinter thought it was too high. He stated “No I go the german tables right here in front of me!”

Charlie can post and correct me.

I’d be interested in hearing more about this one, too.

since we are talking about mass…and chambers, any idea if he is coming back to form??with his mass and strenght, would have been welcomed aboard uk bobsled for the olympics…

The audio interview was found on, however you have to be a member to listen to it :frowning:
There is however an article at dragondoor’s site that gives abit into his program and I did a serach last night and found a few threads in which Mr. Ross posted himself. Very interesting stuff. I appologize for not searching this up first.
In a nutshell from what I gather he trains his sprinters using the deadlift 2-3 x 2-3 @ 90-95% 1RM for three days consecutively, the third day typically the heaviest. Each set of deads is followed by a plyometric drill. Thats what I got out of both the article and his interview. His book is out too, is the link I think.
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Barry has posted on this forum before. His ideas are interesting. However, you need to always consider how the strength training is going to fit around what you are doing on the track. The question is if you follow a set weight training routine taken from anywhere and make it the primary focus of your work then where does that leave the actual track work? What is more important gym or track and which should follow which?