Barefoot lifts

Would doing squats/cleans barefoot be of any positive value / be a risk ?


Please please do not do that there are two reasons. 1/ You will certainly become flat footed with no support to your arch when lifting and squatting. 2/ You could due to reduced traction slip and injure or kill yourself.

I know of one case where a man became paralysed after trying to front squat bare footed, he slipped and the bar landed on his neck, face up paramedics had to fly him to hospital.

Thanks martyn -

I was thinking that maybe at lower weights it might help to strengthen the feet/arch/calf - I’d remembered some stuff about the dangers of squatting in ur track shoes to do with posture / added stress - not to mention compressing ur shoes.

The things you outline certainly outway any possible advantage -

I won’t be doing that then - with my tendency to find disaster I’d prolly get mulitple injuries - and take several bystanders out at the same time :wink:

Cheers Pete