Balancing act

I have a former sprinter who runs for a college and plays soccer. When she ran in HS, she anchored my state record 4x100 & 4x200 relay team. Mainly becuase of her ability to hold speed and resist decceleration. The main problem is that she never really addressed her accel well enough. My oversight. I knew she was deficient in this area but it was so difficult to address it the way I wanted.
She is now in a situation where her sprint coach does not really know what to do with her or where to place her. He even said possibly the 100. I of course contest this idea if he does not know how to help her improve her accel. I cannot change the coaches approach but I believe I can help with her accel now. Problem is that she is starting her soccer conditioning work. What I am doing is having her change the 20s and 40s to hill work w/ a bit more recovery. I honestly believe that her problem is and has always been in her first 40m of any race. In my mind, she should be running the 400 but who knows what the CF system might change for the better.
There is more dilemnas to add regarding in-season weights for soccer and how it affects her power lifting for track.